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Dan, our Terrain Park Manager, fills you in with all the park info you need to know...

11-27-15 OPENING DAY

Well here we go again! The snowpack is looking a little too familiar, but we were able to scrape together enough to throw a few rails up for you. If you head down Midway, look toward the bottom Nastar shack and you’ll find two t-bar towers and the large tower set up in a row for your enjoyment. Beware the conditions off the groomed, the snow is very thin and there are obstacles everywhere. I wouldn’t try to ride through the Stomping Grounds or Southpark, it hasn’t been packed down at all and there are rocks, roads, and creeks to negotiate. We haven’t set anything up in those areas due to lack of snow, so I’d stick to the jib line on Nastar. Keep your fingers crossed for some snow soon; we’ll get more set up as conditions allow. In the meantime, enjoy the sunny weather and just being out riding again. Have a fun and safe weekend.

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