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Dan, our Terrain Park Manager, fills you in with all the park info you need to know...

Well, it’s the last weekend of the season. We’ve had some great spring park riding over the past week with hopefully more to come this weekend. We rebuilt Chair 2 mound and the third jump in the big line for you all, and have been trying to keep up with the melt of 4 - 6 inches a day we’ve been experiencing. We had to pull or close a couple of features because they were at the point of not being able to maintain any more. If you notice features that are becoming wobbly or tipping that we haven’t noticed yet, please let us know so that we can address it. We’re trying to keep as much stuff up as possible for you to hit the last few days. If you haven’t been riding this week, check out the new jumps before hitting them. And beware that conditions will change as we salt features, and from morning to afternoon. We hope all of you have had a fun season, we have; and we appreciate all your support this year. Have a fun and safe weekend.

The Park Crew

After a fun sunny springy week, I guess we’ll have some more snow to replace what melted. We added a couple new features in the Stomping Grounds this week including a barrel bonk on the second rainbow mound, and we added another t-bar tower to the top one to make an elbow. We also re-set the big tower so that hopefully it will quit melting and sinking. We also rebuilt the Terrain Garden for the last two weeks with three small jumps in a row on the left side; and a flat box, to up shotgun rail, to urban down box on the right side. It looks like a little snow over the weekend then possibly an awesome week to finish things out. Don’t let a little winter weather keep you from enjoying the Tropical Daze festivities. I pushed some extra snow this year for the drop-in ramp to the pond skim so there should be plenty of speed to help you win! It should be a fun weekend no matter what the weather does, so enjoy it while there’s still time.

Dan and The Park Crew

We were busy building this week, hopefully we’ll get to have some fun on the new features before they get buried. We revamped SouthPark with two new jumps, a re-set flat box, a new tank feature before the hip, and an up-box to tank at the bottom. We also reset a tank at the bottom of the Stomping Grounds on a true table, and set up a new round bar outside the shack. With only a couple of weeks left, get out there and have some fun. We were getting powder turns all afternoon yesterday, and I’m sure there is a lot more to be had. Be sure to check out all the new features before using them, and have some fun before it’s too late.

The Park Crew

Gotta love spring weather. Sun, snow, hail, rain, wind, we’ve been enjoying a little bit of everything this week. We got a few new jib features set up for you including a flat-down box set up long flat in Southpark, as well as an urban T-bar at the top of the parks that can be hit on the way to Southpark or Stomping Grounds for those with a Park Pass. We also set up a down box and big tower option to start the big jump line off, and re-set the bank and t-bar outside the shack. Looks like some more sun, snow, etc. over the next few days, so get out there and enjoy. The season’s winding down so get some riding in before you’re wishing it was still winter. Enjoy the new features and be aware the conditions can change quickly.

The Park Crew

Jumps! We got our big jump line rebuilt over the week and they have been a blast over the past couple of warm sunny days. We also built Chair 2 mound which we’ll be hitting soon, and set up a couple of new large jib features including a flat donkey on a breadbox spine with a drop to the landing, and a flat-up-down round bar with options to hit just the down. Southpark has held up well with daily maintenance as has the Terrain Garden. Looking forward to a fun weekend. Remember to check everything out before using it. And if you notice something melting out or getting wobbly in the warm weather, please let a Park Ranger know so that we can tend to it. With a month left, hopefully we get some more fun spring conditions. Be careful in the mornings when the snow is frozen hard and fast, and give it a chance to soften up before going too crazy.

The Park Crew

Tough week with the weather for us in the parks. Been busy trying to maintain and keep stuff useable as we watch it get buried by slush then melt away. We got some stuff prepped to set up but got rained out when we were planning on building it, so we’ll just have to wait until we get past this warm cycle hopefully early this coming week. In the meantime, most of our features from last week are still set up and good to go, and it looks like some fun spring conditions and maybe a little sunshine today! All things considered, the riding’s been pretty fun so slap on some warm wax and make the most of it. Be aware that the conditions can change drastically throughout the day going from fast to sticky, mushy to firm, and everything in between all in one run. It’s been a little lonely in the parks this week so we’re looking forward to seeing you out there.

The Park Crew   

Well I missed you all last Friday, I was riding powder in Canada, but I know Cole and the crew got quite a bit done. This week, we really got after it with the new snow and good temps. We rebuilt the Terrain Garden with a wide box into two small jumps and the roller section. We also rebuilt Southpark which now has a flat-down box setup into a flat box and two medium jumps. On the left, we built a right-hand hip and reset the big tower on a breadbox spine. In Stomping Grounds, we rebuilt jump takeoff #2 to give a little more height over the knuckle. We also set up the mini wall as a re-entry feature into a three feature option that was getting a ton of use on sunny Wednesday. There’s also a double rainbow set at the bottom to finish out your park run. I hope you all enjoy. Please remember to check everything out before hitting it. And dress warm, it looks like it’s going to be really cold again this week. 

The Park Crew

I hope you’re excited for powder. Yesterday was good, and it looks like it’s going to get better and better over the next few days! The weather’s been making it a little tough to ride the parks, but we’ve been able to keep most stuff open with the drifting snow and winds. We had a pretty busy week building, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to test the big jump line today. We rebuilt the Large jumps in Stomping Grounds making them a little bit bigger than they were with single center takeoffs on each one. We also changed some jib features up making a lightning bolt at the top of the big line, as well as a tire stall and a angled box on the sides of jumps 1 and 2. If you haven’t hit a tire before, beware, it’s sticky; so use it as a stall rather than trying to slide it. We’ve also been working on a new double feature in Southpark and the Chair 2 Mound, so expect to see those finished next week. In the meantime, enjoy the new features and the new snow. We’ll do everything we can to keep things open with the new snow as long as it’s safe and hittable. Check everything out before you use it, and have a great holiday weekend.

The Park Crew

Not a huge week of building for us in the terrain parks with the temperatures and lack of snow, however, we did set up a couple new features and moved some things around after Stomp Games. In Southpark, we set up two fuel tanks a little differently in the same location as the one was at the bottom, and we put the large tower back over there where the c-box was. We moved the c-box to below the shack in Stomping Grounds to line up a little better with the donkey. I hope you all had a fun weekend with Stomp Games and USASA, I feel like it went pretty well from our end. The jumps were hitting well, and I saw some really stoked little kids. Despite the slowness of the banked slalom in the middle section, it sounded like people had a good time on it. We left it up at the request of numerous people for the week and this weekend. Aside from removing the middle small features in the big jump line, those jumps and rails weren’t changed over the week; we’ll probably rebuild them next week with single large takeoffs. It looks promising for a little snow in our future, keep your fingers crossed, and have a safe and fun weekend. The conditions are firm in the parks due to the cold temps, so keep that in mind and taker a little easy.

The park crew

Well, we had a big week of pushing snow to get ready for Stomp Games and I feel like we’re about there. Other than building three extra small features for the little kids and grooming tonight, the Slopestyle and Banked Slalom courses are ready to go. Without much help from Mother Nature, Cole winched for four nights to get the third large jump mound completed, and the whole crew rallied to get the jumps and jibs dialed in. It looks like a nice weekend on the way, so keep your fingers crossed for good visibility and no wind. Today is Toyota Ski Free day, so with that in mind, watch out for one another and use features one at a time. The big jump line in the park will be closed for the weekend for Stomp Games while the event is taking place, but the jib line to the left will remain open as will South Park and the Terrain Garden. As always, check out all the features before hitting them, we’ve changed some stuff up over the week; and have a fun and safe weekend.

Dan and the Park Crew

Another busy week of pushing snow and building. We were able to add a few more jib features in the Stomping Grounds, one big combo feature above the shack that a few people have been asking for for awhile now, as well as a t-bar tower into a water tank bonk that can be hit numerous ways. We started to push on the third jump mound in the big line, but ran into some snowcat issues, and with limited winch cat availability, it’ll have to wait until we can start pushing on it again this Sunday and Monday night. We were able to rebuild much of Southpark where you’ll now find a medium three jump line with jib options on the side of two of them. We’ll continue to build new stuff and rebuild in there to try to keep things fresh and new as the season progresses. As for next week, our focus will be on completing the courses for Stomp Games/USASA, so we’ll get the slopestyle dialed in and I’ll begin building a banked slalom course through Stomping Grounds on the skier’s left utilizing as much natural terrain and snow we’ve already pushed as possible. Looking forward to another sunny park weekend so get out there and enjoy the new features. Be sure to check everything out before using it, stuff changes every day and all it takes is a little mishap to put you out for a week or longer as I just found out again. Keep safe, have fun, use sunscreen, and Look Before You Leap. Thanks.

Dan and the Stomping Grounds Park Crew

Jumps! We have jumps! Thanks to the new snowfall and a fair amount of wind deposit in our parks, we were able to get after it this week and push the first two jump mounds in our big line in the Stomping Grounds. We put two takeoffs on each mound in anticipation for the upcoming USASA/Stomp Games event, and to give you all some size options. We also re-set a fuel tank toward the bottom of the Stomping Grounds with multiple takeoff options, set up the donkey flat, and set a flat-down box above the jumps as an option to start your slopestyle line.  We also completely rebuilt the Terrain Garden and we’ve been having fun on it all week long. We dug a lot of snow out of Southpark and have plenty to give it a makeover starting this coming Monday. Expect to see many new medium size features over the course of the next week. We also plan to start work on the third large jump in the Stomping Grounds line, and begin layout of the Banked Slalom course for Stomp Games. It looks like a sunny and warm weekend, so enjoy the new features. As always, check everything out before using it, and remember, conditions can change throughout the day depending on weather and usage. Always feel free to give us feedback and share your ideas of what you’d like to see in our parks. Thanks from the Schweitzer Park Crew.


We set some fun stuff up over the week, and it’s getting’ good and buried now. The Park Crew has been shoveling hard to keep everything useable and fun, but it looks like it’ll be hard to keep up over the next couple of days. We extended the park line by adding a pole jam and a rainbow box at the very bottom of the Stomping Grounds that can also be used coming out of Southpark. We also set up a donkey to box combo feature in the Stomping Grounds and a fuel tank jib. We’ll start building our large jump line in the Stomping Grounds either tomorrow, or Sunday night, and it looks like we’ll be rebuilding much of all three parks over the course of the week. Options may be limited as far as features go depending on how much snow and wind we get, so enjoy some powder and look forward to a revamp over the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to getting some jumps going, and riding some fresh snow; we’ve been waiting for it for awhile. Have fun, and we’ll see you out there.


Not quite as much snow to work with as I was hoping for last night but we’ll take all we can get. We were able to scrape enough together to change up the Southside Progression Park and add another box feature in the Stomping Grounds. In Southpark we moved the fuel tank to the bottom left where the slanted box was, and created a combo box feature just above that. We also revamped a couple features that were getting  buried and removed the t-bar tower to reduce congestion below the mini shotgun. In the Stomping Grounds we set up the flat-down box as a mellow long up to short down next to the cannon. Hopefully this few inches took care of some of the rock problems we’ve been dealing with, and it’ll allow us to get some more features set up in the Stomping Grounds early next week. Still going to be tough to push any large jump mounds, keep your fingers crossed for some more snow soon. Thank you for keeping the holidays fun and safe in our parks, and be sure to check out all the new features before using them. Understand that if we have features closed, it’s for a reason, and please don’t remove our bamboo. Happy New Year, enjoy the new snow, see you out there.

Dan and crew

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. If we can’t have snow, I guess we might as well have sun. We got a few things set up for you all on Sunday and Monday including the C-Box and rainbow rail in the Southside Progression park, and a flat box to down round bar combo feature in the Stomping Grounds. Still waiting on snow to push some bigger mounds. I was hoping to be able to scrape together enough for another jump in Southpark but ran into dirt pretty quickly. There’s still some good snow out there and some fun flowing lines through the parks, so make the most of the moderate weather, have fun, and be safe out there. Remember, as it gets crowded over the next week, call your drops, be respectful of each other, and stay out of the landings of features.

Dan and the Park Crew

It’s been a pretty quiet week in the parks with no new snow and not much left to push around. We were hoping to set up a couple new features but everywhere we drove, we ran into rocks. We’re still having fun riding what we have up, and there’s some good snow to be had around the mountain. It looks like we could get a decent amount of snow today, keep your fingers crossed. We’re hoping to expand the medium line in Southpark before Christmas if we get enough snow today. The conditions are firm with hazards poking through the snow so take it slow and be safe. Please leave the orange flags where they are, they are marking hazards so you don’t trash your gear. Have a fun weekend, and maybe we’ll be riding powder by the end of the day.

The Park Crew

Well, we made it through the arctic blast and things are looking pretty good in the parks. We had a fairly productive week considering the lack of snow; we’ve been scraping every millimeter together to get some new features set up and they’re working out pretty well. In Southpark, you’ll find a fun medium jump toward the bottom and a flat-bar with kind of a pole jam, or urban on up toward the top. The work we did this summer on Chair 2 Mound paid off; in the Stomping Grounds, we’ve built a medium/large hip jump, and below the shack, you’ll find a water tank jib set up on a pyramid. We also spent a little time in the Terrain Garden and enhanced the rollers and built a small jump down there. It should be a wild weekend with two cheap days in a row (Friday & Saturday). Everybody be careful out there, watch your back, watch out for the other guy, and slow down around crowds. As always, check out all the features before using them, and start small. We’ll start checking Park Passes on Friday, so have those ready for me if you want to ride the Stomping Grounds. The easiest way to acquire your Park Pass is to go to the park page on Schweitzer’s website. Everybody have a safe and sane weekend, and enjoy the new features. Hopefully we’ll get some snow soon to change things up.

Schweitzer Park Crew

If you can dress warm enough, it’s pretty fun out. We’ve been working on the parks over the past few days and are starting to get some features set up in the Stomping Grounds. We had several early season chores to take care of this week including setting up our boundary ropes and moving all of our jib features up to the park, so  that cut into our build time a little, but we managed to get five new features set up along the left side of the Stomping Grounds Park. We have an urban down bar alongside a small jump into a flat round-bar with a side kink with tranny all the way along it. Below the park shack, we re-set one of the fuel tanks to be hit a variety of ways, it has a slight up tilt to it with a landing off the end of it and a hip landing to the right. And at the bottom of the park we’ve combined two T-bar towers to create a left elbow. You’ll also notice we’ve roped off all of the Southside Progression Park in preparation for taking over the whole run with small/medium features. There’s an entrance gate that with a little more snow, will become a large starting platform. Please use the gate and don’t duck our ropes, and feel free to offer suggestions for small/medium stuff you’d like to see in our new terrain. The conditions in the parks are firm due to the cold weather, so take it slow and easy. Dress for success, four or five sweatshirts may be in order, and keep an eye on your buddies so they don’t get frostbite. Have a fun weekend, we look forward to seeing you out there.

The Schweitzer Parks Staff

Week Two: 11-29-13
Well it seemed like a successful weekend in the Southside Progression Park. Sunny weather, some fun features. Looking forward to another one. We set up three more features for you up in Southpark including a fuel tank stall, an urban flat box, and a small shotgun rail. We also got a start on the Terrain Garden with a flat box and a mailbox; we plan to do a little more as soon as there’s a few more inches of snow. It looks like we could be getting some weather this weekend so we’re excited to cover up some of our dirt and hopefully be moving into the Stomping Grounds soon. There are a lot of rocks showing on the upper face of Crystal as well as the Stomping Grounds park so beware of those hazards. And remember to keep it mellow in these early season conditions, it’s only week two and there’s a whole season ahead of us. Thanks for a fun weekend, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you all up here again over the next few days. 


Getting Ready: 11-22-13
I guess this means summer’s over! Welcome back to another great season in Schweitzer’s terrain parks. We’ve been hauling rails and pushing snow all day today and got a few things set up for all you jibbers out there. To give you a rundown of what you can expect this opening weekend, we’ve set up a combo bank box and fuel tank feature, an urban T-bar tower, another tower, a flat down box, and a slant box. There are multiple options to hit many of the features so get creative. Also take note that all our features this weekend are set up in our new Southside Progression Park located on Crystal run just south of the Stomping Grounds. This will be the new area for medium size features and we’re pretty excited about all the space we have to work with.

You’ll notice pretty quickly that the snow off the groomed is a bit tricky so I suggest sticking to the groomed runs, and take it slow. There are still creeks, dips, rocks, and sticks that aren’t covered up yet so have a mellow weekend and play it safe. It should be sunny and fun, we look forward to seeing you in the park.

The Schweitzer Park Crew


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