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Dan, our Terrain Park Manager, fills you in with all the park info you need to know...


Finally, we’re getting some help from Mother Nature! With the new snow yesterday and last night, and what they’re predicting for tomorrow and tomorrow night, it’s looking good for us to start working in the park again and get some new features set up. I know it’s been a long start to the season, and I appreciate everyone’s patience. We haven’t been able to drive a cat in the park since the day before Thanksgiving, and a couple of flat features are only entertaining for so long. We’ll plan on busting our butts to get as much new stuff set up as we can through the beginning of this week. With night skiing on Saturday, we’ll start building Sunday evening, so expect to start seeing new stuff Monday and throughout the week. Until then, we’ll plan to get the five features we had a couple of weeks ago back up and running. This new snow ought to brighten up everyone’s holidays, get out there and enjoy it!

Dan and the Park Crew


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m ready for some snow! I probably don’t need to tell you, but we don’t have any new features in the parks. We’ve been trying to keep two open; the catch is, you can’t get out the bottom without walking anymore. We’ll continue to keep what we can open for anyone who wants to come in and hit any features that are still useable, but I recommend walking out to Midway just above the park shack to get down. We’ve been spending our time over the past few days re-sheeting the wallride which we haven’t had an opportunity to do in quite a while, so expect to have some fun on that once we get some snow to set it up. Until then, keep your fingers crossed, ride safe, and avoid the bottom of the park. The snow’s actually been really fun on Midway, so come up and support Community Day.

The Schweitzer Park Crew


Unfortunately, we haven’t received enough new snow for us to drive a cat in the park without damaging it, so we still have the same five features up as last week. The good news is, we do have a little more snow so it’ll be easier to get into and out of the park. I still suggest going in the low road located about 2/3 of the way down Nastar. Just go down Midway and look on your right for a terrain park entrance sign. We’re really hoping to get a few more inches over the next couple of days so we can change some things up and set up a few features in the Terrain Garden. Until then, hang in there, be patient, and enjoy what we’ve been able to set up so far. We’ll be changing it up as soon as possible. See you out there.



...part 2

On second thought, after just coming back from the park in a cat, I can’t recommend riding through. It is pretty bare all the way through, but the worst of it is getting out at the bottom. There is not much more snow than what fell off of my tracks so it will be difficult to get out, and that little bit of snow won’t last long. Midway has coverage so it’ll still be fun to ride, but unfortunately the park won’t be the place to be today. I apologize for the disappointment, I had high hopes at the end of the day Wednesday. At least it’s gonna get cold again tomorrow and we’ll quit losing the little bit of snow we have, and we might even get a few inches. Keep your fingers crossed, hopefully we’ll get an early Christmas present and we’ll be hitting park features soon. Thanks for your patience; and in the meantime, have fun on Midway.  At least we’re still riding.


Well, We set up 6 features in the Stomping Grounds for you all on Wednesday. It’s a little warm at the moment, and I’m about to head up to see how everything held up. We set up an assortment of 4 boxes and two towers with five features to hit in a row, and we’re hoping that’s what we’ll have for you to hit this weekend. With the very little amount of snow we’re working with in the park, I would try to save that brand new board or skis you’re itching to try out and grab your old gear until we get a little more, but that’s just me. We haven’t put any tracks into the top of the park because we have a different entrance about a hundred yards up Midway from the bottom of Nastar. Look for our Terrain Park Entrance sign and a red arrow on your right as you ride down Midway, and follow the groomed road. It’s very rocky at the top steep section of the Stomping Grounds park, and we don’t recommend going that way. Remember to start small, go slow, and watch for all of the obstacles that exist early season like sticks, rocks, creeks, ditches, etc. It’s a long season, don’t shorten yours by going crazy the first couple of days. Have fun, be safe, and let’s have a great start to the season. See you out there.

The Park Crew


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