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Dan, our Terrain Park Manager, fills you in with all the park info you need to know...


The end is near, so get up here and enjoy it while you still can! We’ll keep the Stomping Grounds going for as long as we can still ride out. We’ve been covering up the dirt on the way back to the village every evening, but it gets a little thinner each day. With a hot sunny day like today, I’m not sure what it’ll look like by 3:30. The top features are still fun, and there’s been a lot of people just lapping the Triple all day. So put aside those spring chores for another couple of days and get some final laps in. The snow’s been great up top, and it looks like today will be a scorcher. Don’t forget your sunscreen, and try to keep on the snow.


Still hanging in there with fun stuff to ride. While the Stomping Grounds is getting a little barren, we still have a handful of features open in there. The exciting news is that we built some medium features off the top of the Lakeview Triple including a round down-bar, two medium jumps, and a t-bar tower. We’ve been hitting it all week and it’s been a lot of fun. Looking at the weather, it’ll probably be the last of the Stomping Grounds on Sunday, but we plan on keeping the new park going until the end, so get up here and make some runs before it’s over. The snow’s been pretty fun all week, I had some of my best runs of the Season on Monday. It’s not over until it’s over, so I wouldn’t hang ‘em up just yet.



Well, I guess on the bright side, 10 years ago we were closed right now and we’re still open. We managed to have a fun week in the parks with most of our features still up and useable. Ch. 2 mound had to be closed due to an abundance of dirt and rocks in the landing, but jump two has still been good. We also set up a new flat-down-donkey rail generously donated for us to use by Pistole Boardshop in Spokane. I tore down SouthPark last night to donate snow to the cause, but The Stomping Grounds is still hanging in there. We’re looking at possibly moving a few rails up to the top of the mountain right off the Lakeview Triple early next week, so stay tuned. As for this weekend, bring your favorite “Deadliest Catch” attire and get a few runs in, it’ll be entertaining however you look at it. And watch out for obstacles which may include speeding teenage racers and entourage.

Dan and the Stomping Grounds Park Crew


Another week of hoping and wishing for a snowstorm. At least the park is holding up with the cold temps. We set up a couple of new features that wouldn’t require any snow; one is a t-bar tower below the wall/fuel tank feature so you won’t have to skim across a mud patch to get another feature in that line, and we also put the mailbox over in SouthPark on the barrel tap mound. We’re really looking forward to building the Transworld TransAm starting on Tuesday up on North Sky Edge. If you’re a snowboarder and haven’t signed up yet, you should do it. The event is on Saturday March 7, and Transworld is bringing a whole bunch of new features for us to set up. It should be a blast! In the meantime, keep your hopes up for some new snow and enjoy the fact that we’re still riding, a lot of people aren’t. Take it easy out there, watch for rocks and super slippery ice patches. Have a great weekend and don’t forget your sunscreen.



Not much to report this week from the Stomping Grounds Terrain Park. We’ve been busy all week shoveling and raking to keep all our features in good shape; and thanks to some cooler temperatures, everything is hitting well and not melting away too fast. Every day there’s a little less snow making it harder to cover up dirt and ice patches, so beware when you’re out there riding. What used to be fun slush puddles are now solid patches of ice; they’re randomly located throughout the park and can catch you off guard if not looking out for them. The features are firm too, but still in great shape thanks to the hard work of the Park Crew. With a five inch base, we’re just trying to keep up on what we have, there’s not really any pushing to be done. Hopefully we’ll get a little snow soon and be able to change a few things up, we’re getting kind of antsy as I’m sure all of you are. In the meantime, get creative and have some fun on what’s out there, we still have 19 features set up between the Stomping Grounds and SouthPark. Have fun and be safe.

Dan Nylund


We're hanging on in the parks, hoping the melting will stop soon. The Stomping Grounds and SouthPark features are holding together better than we could have expected thanks to a lot of daily maintenance, but it's getting pretty thin is some spots. Away from the features, we have an array of pond skims, mud bogs, rock jibs, and creek jumps, so beware when you're riding to take it slow and watch out for obstacles. We did have to tear down the Terrain Garden a couple of nights ago due to gravel and water in between the features. Once the snow freezes, we should be able to get some features set back up in there. If you haven't been up in awhile, don't listen to the negativity, we've had a blast riding this week and the parks have been super fun. Get your April riding in now and hopefully we'll get our powder in over the next month. Come up and enjoy the slush so you can see how fun it's been for yourself. Hope to see you out there.



What a difference a day makes. Went from having probably the best turns of the season yesterday off The Triple to this! On the bright side, it’ll be fun if you can figure out the right wax to slide. We set up some new features this week including a down-flat round bar, and an up bar to the down bar next to the bank box in the Stomping Grounds. We also set up another large fuel tank on a breadbox spine below the C-box. In SouthPark, we made the big mound at the bottom a breadbox spine and set a barrel tap in the center of it. The Terrain Garden got a new jump takeoff, and a couple of rollers. If it were me, I’d grab a poncho, throw on some warm wax, and come up and enjoy the slush. 



Despite the lack of snow, we’ve had a fun and sunny week in the parks. We set up a couple of new features where the wallride was last weekend, and the shotgun rainbow at the bottom of the Stomping  Grounds. We’re simply reusing snow at this point trying to change things up here and there. Despite what some seem to think, the two inches of packed snow that we have in our parks is not enough to build what we are used to building at this point in the season. I feel fortunate that we’ve been able to push up a line in which you can hit two jumps, and six features total in a line. Just watch out for the dirt, rocks, and roads that are growing ever more present by the day. We’ll continue to try to maintain what we have, and to set a few new things up weekly to keep you entertained. It looks like we may get a few inches later this weekend, so that could help cover some things up and help us to groom everything without having to drive around dirt. With it being a little colder than earlier this week, be aware that the conditions are very firm, and ski and ride with caution. Besides the firm conditions, there are a variety of other obstacles out there. We have a USASA Slopestyle in the Stomping Grounds on Saturday, but the features on the left of the park will be open all day. Even if the conditions aren’t everything you’ve dreamed of, the sunshine has been nice, and it’s worth coming up and taking some runs. So get out there and enjoy, and have a fun and safe weekend.



We’ve had a busy week scraping everything to the ground again getting ready for the Smokin’ Aces Slopestyle. We got a second jump built after Chair 2 Mound and the wallride set up at the end of the line. We also built a small side to the course with a flat box and two smaller jumps; as well as added a round bar to the rail set after jump two as another option. Hopefully we get a lot of participants, and the weather holds out for us. Please check out all the features before you use them as they change constantly due to weather, usage, and maintenance. Have a fun and safe weekend.



We’re stoked to have had a productive week this week in getting ready for the Smokin’ Aces Slopestyle on Jan. 24th. We got two takeoffs on Chair 2 Mound in the Stomping Grounds with an up tower into it. We also set up a combo rail feature as the fourth feature in that line. With the new snow that’s fallen, plus what we’re expected to get, our plan is to finish the jump mound after Ch. 2 Mound and set up the Wallride as the final feature. We also built a small jump in the Terrain Garden. While we were able to get these new features built, it required us to use the snow that we’d already pushed for other features, but hopefully we’ll get enough to get a Southpark jump line set up and start on a center line in the Stomping Grounds this week. It looks like we’ll have a lot of digging to do, so be patient as we get everything dug out, and enjoy some powder. Always check out features before you use them, and have a fun and safe weekend.

Dan and the Park Crew


When it snows it pours. Is that how that saying goes? Luckily, the amount of snow we received earlier in the week allowed us to get some more features set up in Southpark and The Stomping Grounds. In Southpark, we set up a three rail line on the right side including a down tower, a flat box, and a rainbow box. On the left we built a two-sided pyramid with a water tank bonk into a fuel tank feature that can be hit multiple ways. We have two jump mounds started below that, unfortunately we ran out of snow and discovered a large rock feature between the two that will take another decent storm to cover up; you’ll understand when you see it. In the Stomping Grounds, we set up a C-box and a multi-use two fuel tank feature toward the bottom of the park. We’re working on the Chair 2 Mound and plan to winch the landing Sunday night with the hope to get a jump on it early in the week. We’ll also begin to get a center line together since we have a slopestyle only two weeks away. Hopefully we can scratch together enough snow to make our plans come together. As most of you probably noticed, we began to check park passes last weekend and gave you this week to get them. Please have them to show our park pass checkers this weekend. Always remember to check out the features before you use them. It’s really firm out so take it easy, watch for exposed rocks and dirt, particularly in Southpark, and have a great weekend. It looks like today is starting out sunny so enjoy.

The Park Crew


Not much new to write about just yet. Made it through our week of night skiing and looking forward to pushing some snow around starting Sunday night. It looks like we might get some this weekend which is much needed to get a jump line going and start building in Southpark. We’re going to start checking Park Passes this weekend to motivate you all to get yours before we start getting stuff built. It’s simple to do online, so take a few minutes and save yourself the hassle once you’re up here.  It’ll serve more as a reminder this weekend since we still don’t have much set up, but by next weekend, we should have much of Southpark built and hopefully some larger features in the Stomping Grounds. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years, hopefully 2015 delivers on the snow we’ve been missing so far. Looking forward to getting some stuff built giving you all something to get excited about. Thanks,

The Park Crew


This week’s snow helped us out quite a bit in the parks to get things smoothed out, packed down, and covered up. We were able to set up some features Sunday and Monday including a down round-bar, a down box, a large tower tube, a bank box set up with a small gap to landing, an up-down box, and a flat box all in the Stomping Grounds. We had a piece of plastic break on the up-down box at the end of the day yesterday so it will be closed for a little while today as we fix it, but we’ll have it back up and running as quickly as possible. We were also able to pack down much of South Park and put a few passes down the top of The Stomping Grounds to make it a little more enjoyable to get in the park.  With night skiing going on through next Wednesday, our time is pretty limited to build for the next week. We’ll continue to get things prepped and hopefully get a couple of new features set up though. Without South Park open yet, and with the limited number of small and medium features and nothing large, we haven’t begun to check Park Passes just yet, but please get those over the next week as we’ll begin soon. Nastar will also be opening so the side entrance into the park will no longer be an option; please use our gate at the top of the Stomping Grounds park. Hopefully we get some more snow to continue to fill in our water hazards and creek crossings. Until then, enjoy the sun, dress warm, and remember to always check out features before hitting them. Thanks a lot.

The Park Crew


Finally, we’re getting some help from Mother Nature! With the new snow yesterday and last night, and what they’re predicting for tomorrow and tomorrow night, it’s looking good for us to start working in the park again and get some new features set up. I know it’s been a long start to the season, and I appreciate everyone’s patience. We haven’t been able to drive a cat in the park since the day before Thanksgiving, and a couple of flat features are only entertaining for so long. We’ll plan on busting our butts to get as much new stuff set up as we can through the beginning of this week. With night skiing on Saturday, we’ll start building Sunday evening, so expect to start seeing new stuff Monday and throughout the week. Until then, we’ll plan to get the five features we had a couple of weeks ago back up and running. This new snow ought to brighten up everyone’s holidays, get out there and enjoy it!

Dan and the Park Crew


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m ready for some snow! I probably don’t need to tell you, but we don’t have any new features in the parks. We’ve been trying to keep two open; the catch is, you can’t get out the bottom without walking anymore. We’ll continue to keep what we can open for anyone who wants to come in and hit any features that are still useable, but I recommend walking out to Midway just above the park shack to get down. We’ve been spending our time over the past few days re-sheeting the wallride which we haven’t had an opportunity to do in quite a while, so expect to have some fun on that once we get some snow to set it up. Until then, keep your fingers crossed, ride safe, and avoid the bottom of the park. The snow’s actually been really fun on Midway, so come up and support Community Day.

The Schweitzer Park Crew


Unfortunately, we haven’t received enough new snow for us to drive a cat in the park without damaging it, so we still have the same five features up as last week. The good news is, we do have a little more snow so it’ll be easier to get into and out of the park. I still suggest going in the low road located about 2/3 of the way down Nastar. Just go down Midway and look on your right for a terrain park entrance sign. We’re really hoping to get a few more inches over the next couple of days so we can change some things up and set up a few features in the Terrain Garden. Until then, hang in there, be patient, and enjoy what we’ve been able to set up so far. We’ll be changing it up as soon as possible. See you out there.



...part 2

On second thought, after just coming back from the park in a cat, I can’t recommend riding through. It is pretty bare all the way through, but the worst of it is getting out at the bottom. There is not much more snow than what fell off of my tracks so it will be difficult to get out, and that little bit of snow won’t last long. Midway has coverage so it’ll still be fun to ride, but unfortunately the park won’t be the place to be today. I apologize for the disappointment, I had high hopes at the end of the day Wednesday. At least it’s gonna get cold again tomorrow and we’ll quit losing the little bit of snow we have, and we might even get a few inches. Keep your fingers crossed, hopefully we’ll get an early Christmas present and we’ll be hitting park features soon. Thanks for your patience; and in the meantime, have fun on Midway.  At least we’re still riding.


Well, We set up 6 features in the Stomping Grounds for you all on Wednesday. It’s a little warm at the moment, and I’m about to head up to see how everything held up. We set up an assortment of 4 boxes and two towers with five features to hit in a row, and we’re hoping that’s what we’ll have for you to hit this weekend. With the very little amount of snow we’re working with in the park, I would try to save that brand new board or skis you’re itching to try out and grab your old gear until we get a little more, but that’s just me. We haven’t put any tracks into the top of the park because we have a different entrance about a hundred yards up Midway from the bottom of Nastar. Look for our Terrain Park Entrance sign and a red arrow on your right as you ride down Midway, and follow the groomed road. It’s very rocky at the top steep section of the Stomping Grounds park, and we don’t recommend going that way. Remember to start small, go slow, and watch for all of the obstacles that exist early season like sticks, rocks, creeks, ditches, etc. It’s a long season, don’t shorten yours by going crazy the first couple of days. Have fun, be safe, and let’s have a great start to the season. See you out there.

The Park Crew


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