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Dan, our Terrain Park Manager, fills you in with all the park info you need to know...


Four days left, time to get your shred on! We've rebuilt a bunch of stuff over the past couple of weeks to keep stuff fresh and standing upright. Everything's melting like crazy and we've had to pull a couple of features like the Pistole rail in SouthPark, one of the t-bar towers, and the waterfall, but we just turned them into little jumps so there's still something to hit where they were. The majority of the features are still hitting great. We rebuilt the front takeoff and side tranny on the wallride, as well as the water tank tap in SouthPark, and the butter pad to down bar below the park shack. There's an option off to the side of it with the big tube and a side tranny on the right of the butter pad. We've been salting like crazy to keep stuff fast, so beware that speed can change from one run to the next as we salt features throughout the day. With less than a week left in the season and sunny warm weather, there's no reason to not be out riding. Get it while you have the chance.

The Stomping Grounds Crew


We’re working on a bunch of stuff this week and next week to carry through the last two weeks of the season. We rebuilt Ch. 2 Mound and set up a three tank combo feature outside the park shack. We also rebuilt the Pistole rail in SouthPark and the water tank jib on a true table. We’re planning on setting a couple more jibs in SouthPark this evening. We’re looking forward to winching the big jump landings one more time and rebuilding the first takeoff early next week. We have a plan for where the hip was that should be really fun, and we’ll rebuild the SouthPark jumps next week as well. It looks like a great couple of days with sunny weather. Yesterday was sunny but really firm and fast, so beware of your speed and land on your feet. Enjoy the spring weather, and get out while there’s still a few weeks left. 

The Park Crew


Another crazy week of weather that made for some really fun riding today where it softened up. Thanks to some serious digging by the park crew, all our features are still in great shape. With seven inches of heavy snow two nights ago, we plan on putting a takeoff back on Chair 2 Mound, and stacking the hip higher and longer. Hopefully the weather cooperates over the next few days and the temps stay cold enough to help us out a little. We did set up a flat box in SouthPark above the two jumps, and the S-Rail at the bottom of the Stomping Grounds on Wednesday. And we did a bunch of maintenance on some of the features that were melting out. We’ll continue to change some stuff out as needed and set up a few things as weather allows. We’re looking forward to getting Chair 2 Mound into the hip rebuilt for the final month. Keep your fingers crossed for good temperatures or some sunny park days. Be careful as conditions may melt and freeze throughout the day or overnight; speed and conditions can change quickly. Have a fun weekend. And thank Mike and Mac if you see them for digging all day Thursday like there was buried treasure hidden under there!

The Stomping Grounds Crew


Another busy week of re-setting and rebuilding behind us, and the melting continues. We got some snow to replace some of what we’ve lost over the past couple of weeks and the riding’s been super fun. We haven’t seen our creeks and mud pits in the park open up yet so we’re feeling good about the amount of snow we still have to continue to change stuff up throughout the rest of the season. This week we rebuilt the third large jump, it’s about the same distance but very lofty similar to the second jump in the line. We set up a combo rail feature with the big tube onto a butter pad then a drop down to a long round down-bar. We also set up the two rainbows in a row on the right side of the jump line. We started to do some work on the Ch. 2 mound but haven’t had a winch cat available to us so hopefully we can finish it early next week. We also plan to rebuild some features in SouthPark next week. It looks like a mixed bag of weather over the next few days with some sun tomorrow, so get it while the getting’s good. We’re excited about the longer days and some spring park laps. Just a reminder, night skiing ends Saturday night. Have a great weekend, and be sure to check everything out before using it, we’ve been changing a lot of stuff up due to the warm weather. 

The Stomping Grounds Crew


We had a great week in the park with sun, warm temps, and a few new features that we've been excited to set up. We replaced the bottom rainbow box with a slight up-flat-town t-bar combo, and rebuilt the second jump; it's a lofty stepover now and people have been having a blast on it. And we got the wallride pulled out of its tomb with its new sheeting! It's set up at an angle to the hill above the shack and can be used straight on as a wall, or hit from the front takeoff to slide the top or jump into the side tranny. It looks like the sunshine has left us for a couple of days, but it should still be fun out there with spring conditions and fresh features to hit. Be sure to check stuff out before using it, and watch others use features you are unsure of. With the melting that's going on, there's starting to be some holes and creeks opening up, so beware of those, and have a great weekend.

The Park Crew


What a crazy week of weather! Not sure whether to laugh or cry as we watch features melt, and prioritize what to rebuild next. At least it looks like temperatures will be cold enough to snow over the next couple of nights. On the bright side, the riding’s been fun and we did get some new features up and some stuff rebuilt this week. We rebuilt the jump takeoffs in SouthPark, and the first jump takeoff in the triple line in the Stomping Grounds. We also reset the top rail features with the C-box facing the opposite direction, and  a down donkey to down bar, so basically a long down bar with a small kink in the middle. We also set up the long round bar as a slight up launcher. We made a space to set up the S-rail but the rain put us on hold so expect that up early next week. Beware of some unevenness as you ride around, there are holes opening up and things aren’t quite as smooth as they usually are due to the bottomless slush. Looking forward to some new snow and a little colder nights. Check out the new features and rebuilds before you hit them. And thanks for your patience as we dig stuff out over the weekend.

The Stomping Grounds Crew


I guess it’s Spring time! Not sure how much snow melted this week but it felt like a lot. Sure nice to get some sun though. We set up a couple of  new jib features this week in the Stomping Grounds including the side kink rail just below the shack, and the big tube below that elevated to give you some air coming off of it. We also got a hip built below Chair 2 mound. We’re hoping to keep stacking on it to make it bigger and bigger as we get snow, so start small on it and work your way up. Looks like a mixed bag of weather over the next several days. Hopefully it stays cold enough to snow and we won’t lose too much more. Hopefully you got some sunny park laps in over the week, and if not, I’m sure we’ll have more to come. Have a fun holiday weekend, it should be busy. Watch out for the other guy, and watch out for any hot holes that may have opened back up. Check out everything before you hit it, and enjoy the new features.

The Stomping Grounds crew


The snow’s kept stuff fresh without burying us this week which was nice. We were able to get a few new jib features set up with a water tank set on a pyramid and a small fuel tank in SouthPark. In the Stomping grounds, we also set up a fuel tank with a side tranny and a quick little takeoff on the front. We put alternate takeoffs on the big jump line in preparation for USASA on Saturday, and the Terrain Garden got rebuilt as well. With the USASA Slopestyle on Saturday, much of the Stomping Grounds will be closed for most of the day so keep that in mind. We’re looking forward to changing up the left jib line this coming week and getting some more new features up that we haven’t had a chance to build yet. It looks like we could have sunny spring conditions for a few days early next week so that’ll make for some fun park riding. Have a safe and fun weekend. Check out the new features before using them. And always start small and work your way up.

The Stomping Grounds Crew


We’ve been recovering from the two feet of snow last week and working to get the large jump line built back up. They’re completely rebuilt again and will hopefully last for a while this time so we can focus on getting some new jib features up in the Stomping Grounds and SouthPark. We also started pushing on the hip following Ch. 2 mound if you’re wondering what that pile of snow is all about. The Banked Slalom is built and really fun; so if you enjoy hauling through banked turns and rollers, you should sign up, it should be a blast. Not sure what to expect today with the warm temperatures we’ve had over the past couple of days, it’s colder now though and it looks like a little fresh snow on the way to soften things back up. It’s Toyota Ski Free day today, so watch out for each other out there, check out all the features before you use them, and have a fun and safe weekend.

The Stomping Grounds Crew


It's not too often that I wish it would quit snowing, but just for a couple of days, just until the Smokin' Aces Slopestyle is done; that would be really helpful. We've had a big week of shoveling and building to finish the slopestyle course and keep it useable. Besides that, Southpark got a makeover as well. We rebuilt the right line with a cannon feature at the top and two new medium jumps. In the Stomping Grounds, we added a top rail feature with the donkey and the big tube with an option to hit either individually, or combo them up. Then we added the C-box to the next rail mound to lead into the three big jumps which we've added alternate medium takeoffs to. With all this snow, we have big plans for the parks over the next few weeks. We're planning on having our banked slalom next weekend so if you haven't registered and would like to compete, get signed up by Sunday so we have enough preregistrations to go through with it. Then following that we have another slopestyle with USASA. It's a crazy few weeks, but we'll try to keep changing stuff up as much as we can while we're building for the events. Hopefully you've been able to ride some powder this week, I heard that's more fun than shoveling it; but what do they know. Have a great weekend. Keep in mind that much of the Stomping Grounds will be closed on Saturday for the competition for most of the day. Always check out features before you used them as they do change with conditions.

Dan & The Stomping Grounds Crew


Another busy week of building behind us, and things are shaping up nicely in the parks. We spent most of our time in the Stomping Grounds this week getting Ch. 2 Mound built and rebuilding the top rail section above the three large jump line. The crew's been working hard to keep everything dug out and hittable over the past couple of days, and it looks like we could be doing a lot more of it over the weekend. We'll be gearing up for the Smokin' Aces Slopestyle event next Saturday, so expect to see a few more rails above the big jump line and alternate takeoffs on the jumps by mid-week. The top rail section now contains a down box and a flat-down round bar that can be hit as just an urban down bar. We also set up the 3 t-bar towers as a Y above the shack; and in Southpark, the Pistole double kink is above the barrel. The Chair 2 Mound is built straight on for the first time in a few years for all who have been asking for it, and it's our largest jump in the park. We have some big plans for what's coming after it so stay tuned. Looking forward to a fun and snowy weekend; the past two days have been great riding. We'll work to keep things dug out and open as best we can. Enjoy the new snow; check out everything before you use it, we've been changing stuff up a lot; and have a great and safe holiday weekend.

The Stomping Grounds Crew


With the holiday over, we’re finally able to push snow again and we had a busy week. Our big jump line is finished with three in a row. We rebuilt the first two making them a little bigger, and finished the third last night. We also rebuilt the Terrain Garden with the wide box and two small jumps. We had to pull a box out of Southpark due to a broken piece of plastic, but we have plans to replace it with a t-bar tower; right now it’s a little breadbox spine. We’ll resume our large pushing projects on Sunday night with hopes of getting Ch. 2 mound going, provided we don’t run out of snow. We’ll also be resetting the top rail features in the Stomping Grounds in preparation for the Smokin’ Aces Slopestyle coming up in two weeks and a day. We hope you enjoy the new jumps, please check them out before hitting them. It looks like we could get a little sunshine and cooler temperatures over the weekend so enjoy, be safe, have fun, and look before you leap.

The Park Crew


It always feels like the longest week of the year with night skiing all week and not being able to build. Two more nights though, and we can get back to business pushing snow. We hope you’ve had a great holiday so far, the snow’s been good and it looks like today is going to be sunny! We’re happy to have been able to get some jumps built for Christmas, and hope you’ve been having fun on them. We’re looking to revamp the Stomping Grounds this week starting Sunday night. We’ll be working to get the third large jump mound built early in the week, and then rebuilding the first two as well making them a little bigger. The Terrain Garden will get a little spruce up, and we’ll plan on adding some more jib features to the Stomping Grounds as well as a feature or two in Southpark. With Smokin’ Aces only a few weeks away, we’re already looking at the setup for that. We appreciate all of you who’ve got your Park Pass so far, it’s made for a fun and sane Christmas break. Have a great weekend, enjoy the sun, be safe, and look forward to new features on the way next week.

The Schweitzer Park Crew


What a crazy week! The best riding and the best building we’ve had in a long time. If you haven’t been up all week, we’ve been working like crazy getting stuff set up then digging it out to have in time for Christmas. We have SouthPark built up with a slight down box into two medium jumps down the right side. On the left, we set up a large tower feature to an urban flat box into a fuel tank set up on hip. In the Stomping Grounds we replaced the big tube with a side kink rail, we set up the shotgun rainbow, and we got two jumps built down the middle with a third mound started. We’re super stoked to have a couple large jumps for everyone before Christmas, and we’ll be getting the third one going as soon as possible. With night skiing all week, it really limits the amount of time we have for building, but once that’s done, we should have the snow we need to get built what we’ve been wanting. We’ll be checking Park Passes from here forward, so if you haven’t got those yet, get on it. We’ll be around to do them in the park shack, but it’s also quick and easy to go to and to the park page and take care of it online. Be sure you check out all the features before using them, and have a fun and safe Christmas holiday. And don’t forget to make some powder turns too!


If you've been riding through the Stomping Grounds this week, you've probably noticed the mounds we've been pushing on down the center of the park and the Chair 2 Mound; you've probably also noticed the water holes all over the place. We used up all the snow we could over the week to get as much done as possible on a main line through the park, and we've been waiting for this storm to hit. It looks like it's delivered what we've been waiting for to get the Stomping Grounds and South Park going strong for the Holidays. We have night skiing over the next two nights so our building is put on hold until Sunday, but after that, expect to see a lot happening in both parks. We appreciate your patience as we get things rolling. Plan on getting your Park Passes before next weekend, We'll be requiring them next week. And in the meantime, go ride some powder and look forward to jumps and more jibs soon! 

The Stomping Grounds Park Crew


What a crazy week! One day we're riding powder and pushing mounds in the Stomping Grounds, next our whole world is washing away, and two days later we're pushing mounds again. You'll be happy to know that we're not on Midway anymore. We tore that park down and started building in the Stomping Grounds. Last night we set up an urban down-bar and down box option, the donkey rail up on a deck with a long landing, the big tower by the park shack, and an elbow t-bar tower feature on a bank. We're excited to start getting more stuff rolling over the weekend and throughout next week. Expect to see the Terrain Garden take shape over the weekend, and more features in the Stomping Grounds. Southpark was the hardest hit with the weather, it still has a lot of water flowing through it so we'll wait until it slows down to start building in there. Hopefully, with more new snow on the way, it'll be soon. With all the water flowing, be aware of open ditches and creeks that were covered up a few days ago. We've been covering them up and filling them in as best we can, but there is still a lot of water moving and in some spots, it melts right back out again. Gypsy at the top and bottom of Southpark, Southpark itself, and near the top of Nastar on your way to the park are some spots to take it slow and watch for hazards. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the new features. And keep your fingers crossed for more snow.

The Park Crew


Things are starting to look up a little. When I left yesterday it was raining on me; now it’s snowing, and the forecast looks somewhat favorable. We set up one more rail feature on Midway yesterday, the flat-down-flat donated to us by Pistole Boardshop to make a four feature rail line. With a little luck, we’ll be moving the park over to the Stomping Grounds throughout the week. We’re hoping to get in there Sunday night to track pack and groom it, and start setting stuff up over the course of the week, so keep your fingers crossed that the temps stay low enough to snow. In the meantime, enjoy the rail line on Nastar, and be cautious of obstacles hidden under the couple inches of new snow.

The Schweitzer Park Crew

11-27-15 OPENING DAY

Well here we go again! The snowpack is looking a little too familiar, but we were able to scrape together enough to throw a few rails up for you. If you head down Midway, look toward the bottom Nastar shack and you’ll find two t-bar towers and the large tower set up in a row for your enjoyment. Beware the conditions off the groomed, the snow is very thin and there are obstacles everywhere. I wouldn’t try to ride through the Stomping Grounds or Southpark, it hasn’t been packed down at all and there are rocks, roads, and creeks to negotiate. We haven’t set anything up in those areas due to lack of snow, so I’d stick to the jib line on Nastar. Keep your fingers crossed for some snow soon; we’ll get more set up as conditions allow. In the meantime, enjoy the sunny weather and just being out riding again. Have a fun and safe weekend.

The Schweitzer Park Crew


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