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New Features? New Rails? What's happening in the Parks:


Four days left, time to get your shred on! We've rebuilt a bunch of stuff over the past couple of weeks to keep stuff fresh and standing upright. Everything's melting like crazy and we've had to pull a couple of features like the Pistole rail in SouthPark, one of the t-bar towers, and the waterfall, but we just turned them into little jumps so there's still something to hit where they were. The majority of the features are still hitting great. We rebuilt the front takeoff and side tranny on the wallride, as well as the water tank tap in SouthPark, and the butter pad to down bar below the park shack. There's an option off to the side of it with the big tube and a side tranny on the right of the butter pad. We've been salting like crazy to keep stuff fast, so beware that speed can change from one run to the next as we salt features throughout the day. With less than a week left in the season and sunny warm weather, there's no reason to not be out riding. Get it while you have the chance.

The Stomping Grounds Crew


We’re working on a bunch of stuff this week and next week to carry through the last two weeks of the season. We rebuilt Ch. 2 Mound and set up a three tank combo feature outside the park shack. We also rebuilt the Pistole rail in SouthPark and the water tank jib on a true table. We’re planning on setting a couple more jibs in SouthPark this evening. We’re looking forward to winching the big jump landings one more time and rebuilding the first takeoff early next week. We have a plan for where the hip was that should be really fun, and we’ll rebuild the SouthPark jumps next week as well. It looks like a great couple of days with sunny weather. Yesterday was sunny but really firm and fast, so beware of your speed and land on your feet. Enjoy the spring weather, and get out while there’s still a few weeks left. 

The Park Crew