Schweitzer's Terrain Parks

Stomping Grounds

Easily accessed off the Basin Express, The Stomping Grounds Terrain Park is Schweitzer’s signature park and hosts a variety of our largest jump and jib features. A park pass is required to enter the Stomping Grounds creating less congestion, and ultimately, more fun for you.

Southside Progression Park

The Southside Progression Park provides hiker-friendly, unintimidating medium features. The Southside Progression Park is a great place to hone your skills before stepping up to The Stomping Grounds. Located just South of the Stomping Grounds Terrain Park.

Terrain Garden

The Terrain Garden, located above Enchanted Forest off of Musical Chairs, is the place for our youngest riders and beginner park users to get a feel for freestyle terrain. The features are small and low to the ground, and the vibe focused around family fun. 

Looking for more information on park etiquette, safety and terrain park tips? Check out

Stomping Grounds Park Pass

In an effort to educate users of Schweitzer’s Stomping Grounds Terrain Park, and with the intention of making the Stomping Grounds more safe and more fun for riders, we are continuing the park pass program this winter season.  The pass will be required for anyone entering the Stomping Grounds facility which contains our largest features. Although we will not require the pass for use of the Terrain Garden or the South Park, we strongly encourage all users of our freestyle terrain to go through the program and purchase their pass.

To get your Stomping Grounds Terrain Park Pass, follow these simple steps:

  • Watch the Park Smart video.
  • Take the quiz. Take your time so you don’t have to do it over again.
  • Accept the online agreement
  • A $5 fee will get you your park pass for the entire season (you may purchase online or at the season pass office) 

Click here to begin

- If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian’s signature on your certificate.

- For those of you who wish to go through this process on the hill, or you’re just here for a day or two, visit the Terrain Park Tower anytime during the day to go through the Park Pass Program.

- There is no charge for day tickets to use the Stomping Grounds.

"The park pass program is being implemented after requests by our regular Stomping Grounds users. It is meant to educate riders who are interested in using our larger features by covering safe practices and terrain park etiquette, and to reduce improper use of our facilities. It is up to you, the rider to help make this program succeed by following Park Smart and the Skier Responsibility Code while on the mountain, by having your park pass available and visible for our pass checkers and park rangers, and by encouraging proper use of park features and terrain park etiquette.  I thank you ahead of time for your support of this program, and encourage feedback or suggestions throughout the season if you think of ways to make it operate more smoothly."

~Dan Nylund, Freestyle Terrain Manager