Want more details on our trails? Here you go! 

Due to construction of the new lodge on the summit, there may be trail closures or deviations during the summer season. Please check back here for the latest updates!

July 28, 2016
Highpoint trail access is now OPEN from the Great Escap Quad via upper Bear Grass :)

July 26, 2016
All trails are OPEN!
With construction still occuring on the mountain, please check with us frequently for further updates on trail status. Thanks!

July 15, 2016
Check out the latest pictures from the trail crew making great progress on the Highpoint Connector Trail from Stiles saddle. Keep checking out the trail updates page for when we intend to open this!

The trail crew will be busy this week getting the race courses ready for the Downhill Race coming up August 14th. With the occasional rain we have been getting the trails could not be in much better shape. Come on up and see what we’ve got going on. The riding is amazing right now!

​July 8, 2016
The trail crew has been truly “hammering” away!  Check out the photos of the three new wood features on Jumpy’s. This is a new spur off of Beargrass and it’s now living up to its name.  In addition they installed two down ramps on Redemption, increasing the flow and making some of the more difficult portions of this Double Black Diamond more approachable. The recent rain has made the trails super tacky. Get your gear straight and come up to shred some lift laps. See you on the trails!

June 25, 2016
The lifts are spinning and the trails received some rain on Friday. We recently finished some machine work widening Pinch Flat and significantly increasing the size of the first 4 berms. Please be aware that the upper switchbacks are very soft. The flow of this new work will be AMAZING once the tread gets compacted.

All other trails have been double checked and cleared for shredding. As always make sure to stop in the rental shop and fill out a Trail Survey to let us know what you are loving, and where we can improve.

June 16, 2016
Hello Schweitzer dirt shredders! Our trail crew has been hard at it preparing the trails for the upcoming 2016 summer season.

We want to thank the Idaho Forest Group for their gracious donation of over 1200 linear feet of awesome lumber. Not to be outdone, Jamie Emmer of Lumber Marketing Services in Hope has added to the growing pile of lumber that will be utilized in fun, flowy ways to improve your riding experience. A heartfelt thank you to both of these local companies.

This summer we are super stoked to be putting on two different races. A four week XC race series on Sunday mornings in July and a 3 stage DH Enduro race on August 14th. We’ll have more details on both events coming soon, check back often and get some practice laps in to be ready to race!

Opening day is the 24th with 7B Sunday and free lift rides on the 26th. We look forward to seeing you shredding and be sure to fill out a trail survey in the rental shop to let us know how we can continue to improve.


 Schweitzer Trail Crew

Detailed Trail Information:

Ready to bike or hike at Schweitzer? Here are a few trails to help you get out and explore! 

Zig Zag: 
Schweitzer's newest trail!  It's a 0.7 mile trail that zigs and zags its way off Moffitt's Edge with amazing views the entire way.

Service Road
The service road travels from the village to the Stella Saddle for both hikers and bikers. This allows for easier access to Colburn Lake Trail, Sunnyside Trail and Huckleberry Hill. Please note there is NO route to the summit.  Service Road is CLOSED above the Stella Saddle. 

Cross Country Trails:
Many of the XC trails are shared with hikers and horses so use caution.  Please remember that we share our trails with wildlife, so ride with respect and caution.

Bear Grass Trail:  
This trail is designed as a downhill trail only. It is closed to pedestrians entirely and is also closed to uphill bike traffic. This is the easiest way to bike down the mountain, although it is an intermediate biking trail.
New for 2015: We've added 2 spurs off the Bear Grass Trail - both are intermediate sections. 

Moffit's Edge:
Accessed from Pinch Flat, this trail connects to the new Collector Trail which is a superb new addition and well worth the ride! From Moffit's Edge riders can take the Sunnyside Trail to the Bear Grass Trail, the Service Road or access the XC trails via Huckleberry Hill or Overland Trail.

Pinch Flat:
Pinch Flat connects with Bear Grass Cruiser in the lower section.

Sunnyside Trail:
Formerly known as the Sunnyside Road; this trail is open to bikers in both directions and allows access to the Collector Trail from Bear Grass as well as access from Moffitt's to the Skills Station and Bear Grass.

The Collector Trail:  
This flowy trail is not to be missed! It can be accessed via Sunnyside Trail, Moffit's Edge, Service Road or Overland/Huckleberry Hill.  This trail features 12 handmade wooden bridges and numerous freeride features.

Colburn Trail:  
This is a new trail to Colburn Lake accessible from Wolf Ridge. The trail is shared by hikers, horses, and bikers. It is the only access to the Lake.  

This highly technical, expert trail features multiple rock drops and natural features. The trail begins midway down the great divide (pinch flat) and decends 1300' before connecting with The Collector. 

Come up and ride so you can see the improvements for yourself. Remember to fill out a trail survey in the rental shop or at the lifts, your input is needed in determining the progression and enhancement of our trails.