5 Things to Focus on As Winter Approaches

Summer in Sandpoint seems to go by at the blink of an eye and in that brief and festive season, I only kayaked once, hiked nothing, and only rode my bike to The Festival. The days were hot and long and I have absolutely no idea where time has gone. And now, now it’s September. My kids were eagerly looking forward to returning to school and I have to admit, so was I. The structure and routine is something I like. Those unscheduled summer days escape me like no September Monday can.

On the mountain, it’s quiet once again. It’s really a rough transition to go from a packed village, with music & laughter filling the air, to just the occasional sound of a maintenance truck trundling through the resort. We are cleaning up the traces of summer and trying to get our minds and bodies ready for the snowy season. The best intentions of getting fit disappeared sometime in July and now literally has become crunch time. With less than 90 days until ski season, I’m feeling the pinch. As much as I never got around to really exploring this summer, I also never managed to wax my skis before leaving them to sit for months and I’m sure some sort of spider is happily calling my ski boots home. Yes, it’s time to shake out the gear and start plotting for when winter well and truly arrives.

So, what five things should us winter enthusiasts focus on this September?

  1. Stretching: Yes, it’s not too late to get the body back in motion. Just because we were a little on the summer lazy side this year (thanks smoky skies!) we still have time to be ready. Get involved with some yoga classes or join a gym. Even just taking a walk every day is a good start.
  2. Ski Swap Schedules: Now is the time to see what gear you have for the coming season and upgrade if necessary. There are some great deals to be had a various ski swaps in the region (including the SARS and Mt Spokane Ski Patrol swaps) so start keeping tabs on their websites for dates and times. It’ll save you in the long run.
  3. Movie premiers: nothing like watching a great ski or snowboard film to get you in the mood for winter. Even though we lost the great Warren Miller this past year, his legacy continues with the 69th installment of his movie series. This year, “Face of Winter” is on tour starting in October with showings around the Pacific Northwest. Other great shows to catch, Matchstick Productions’ “All In” features an impressive list of both male and female athletes. 
  4. Ski Magazines: Pick up a hard copy of the latest magazines from SKI, Powder and even Schweitzer! Great stories about gear, resorts, and mountain characters plus amazing photography that will get you stoked for the coming season.
  5. Daydream: With all those pieces creating the snowstorm of winter in your head, start dreaming about what you want your winter to look like. It’ll be here before you know it!