Enjoy the Seasons

I know that there are a lot of people who live in the area who are not as excited about the winter months in Sandpoint as I am. But after this particularly hot and dry summer, I am waiting with baited breath for the slushy city streets to be part of my daily routine again. Yes, the beautiful summer days are nice but part of the reason living here is so good is that we get true, honest to God, seasons.

This past year really drove that point home. Spring was a typical North Idaho gem with mud and rain that reminded me why owning rubber boots are a good call. Then Summer – and what can we say about this past summer? Excluding the late season fires and lack of overall moisture outside of the lake, this summer was amazing. Beautiful days, warm evenings and up here on the mountain, Schweitzer hosted some incredible events. I got the chance to meet some fantastic people during those events and each time I was reminded that I get to live here. Here. In this hidden part of the world that boasts lakes, mountains, and a view from the summit that humbles me in all four seasons.

Now, as we head into fall and our visitors have gone home until the snow flies, it’s time for us to pause, take stock and get ready for the coming winter. In town, I hear from neighbors how wood gathering is in full swing and I can see that flannel is back on the streets in full force. On the mountain, we are switching out the bikes for skis and snowboards in the Ski & Ride Center and changing the restaurant menus to reflect the need for warmth and comfort at meal time.

This is the time of year that we are on over-drive, preparing for what we hope will be another long and snowy winter at Schweitzer. Interviews are starting for the positions we need to fill and its fun chatting with potential new Schweitzerites about how working on the mountain and embracing winter really does make this season so much more enjoyable. It’s a fun world to be a part of, this island in the sky. Seriously, if you haven’t been a fan of winter in the past, a season or two working at Schweitzer, surrounded by people obsessed by all things cold and frozen, might just help you find that proverbial silver lining in the dark days of a Sandpoint January.

The days are getting shorter and it won’t be long before we are all back into busy months full of holiday demands and family commitments. Right now, I’m trying to focus on the practical stuff and make sure my kids’ ski passes are ready to go as well as picking up enough discounted day tickets for all the other relatives coming to stay with us over Christmas and Presidents’ Day Weekend. Yes, I’m plotting for February now because the next thing I know, it’ll be June.

Time moves so quickly and with it our Sandpoint seasons. As I watch the leaves turn and the snow start to fall, I’m going to make an effort to really pause and be grateful for them all. 

This article first appeared in the October 2017 issue of "Neighbors," a Bonner County Daily Bee publication.