Homecoming - Schweitzer Style

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I see an envelope in the mail that I know contains a family wedding invitation, my immediate reaction is a mix of excitement and dread. Excited for the couple and the joy their wedding will bring but dread about hanging with third cousins I haven’t seen for at least 16 years. Granted, the last time everyone was actually together, we had a blast and lamented that we really should be finding time to hang out with each other at events other than weddings and funerals. We say this, we mean this, but we never find the time citing all the normal “life-is-just-so-busy” reasons.

The same could be said about my buddies from school who I finally reconnected with after nearly 30 years. Or even closer to home with my neighbors who I haven’t seen much of during this last long, grey winter. It is good for the soul to reconnect and share but our daily hectic routines always seem to get in the way.

But it is fun, isn’t it, when you actually run into your neighbor who you haven’t seen for months and hear about their travels with their grandkids? Or when you see your friend out on the trails now that the weather has finally turned nice? I’ll admit it, I’m always amazed at how awesome it is to reconnect with these people, these communities, and these families every time. Even crazy Uncle Steven with his “punny” jokes at some far-flung family wedding.

I think that’s why I get so excited about Schweitzer’s 7B Sunday too. It’s like a big giant family reunion for our friends, old and new. Walking through the village, I get to see Schweitzer family that I haven’t seen in months. The kids are running and playing while their parents are happy to just be back on the mountain. It’s so good to see people wandering through the local vendor booths, stopping to chat with the non-profits who are on-site, learning about what’s happening in every corner of our county. I love seeing people take a moment out of their busy lives to catch up on what’s new with each other and 7B.

Sure, a free chairlift ride to the summit where you can check out Schweitzer’s Sky House is a great draw but that isn’t all that happens at 7B Sunday. It’s about our community and all the good things we make, share, and do here. Mark your calendars now. Plan on being here. Come visit Schweitzer, take in the views and reconnect with your 7B neighbors and family. All without needing a bride and groom or bad photos from the 70s.