Idaho Ski Resorts: Discover the Soul of Skiing

Idaho Offers Versatile, Humble Variety

Typically, when people think of Idaho, they immediately think of Idaho potatoes and not Idaho ski resorts. And it’s true, with ideal growing conditions and volcanic rich soil, Idaho grown potatoes are pretty darn hard to beat for taste and quality. Let’s admit it, if you have to associate your state with a vegetable, the potato is definitely a good one. But funnily enough, the same reasons why potatoes do so well in and for Idaho are the same reasons why a ski vacation in this underrated state is the best choice.  “What?” you may be thinking. But yes, it’s true! And here’s why:

First off, Idaho has excellent soil and climate not just for growing incredible tubulars, but for all kinds of skiable terrain . From rocky volcanic outcrops to wide open meadows and fantastic groomed cruisers, Idaho has it all. There are over 18,000 acres to explore from epic steeps to legendary backcountry spots that will make Idaho your new favorite winter playground.

There’s lots of variety here. Idaho produces over 25 different varieties of potatoes, meaning you can find exactly what your recipe is looking for. Well, same goes for skiing. With 18 different resorts to choose from, you can select just the right experience for your trip. Looking for the best family friendly destination? Schweitzer Mountain Resort , the largest resort in Idaho, has got you covered. Want a “mom-n-pop” feel with fun terrain and great vibe? Brundage is just your ticket. And you can’t miss the epitome of a classic ski experience without a trip to where resort skiing started , Sun Valley .

Just like the potato, skiing in Idaho is humble . There’s no pretension, no fighting to see or be seen. Skiing Idaho is all about the actual experience of skiing. Being out there and enjoying the snow, your family, and your time playing in the mountains. Thanks to Idaho’s under the radar reputation, you’ll be hard pressed to find long lift lines, even on busy holiday weekends. The resorts are easy to get to with flights into the gateway cities of Boise, ID and Spokane, WA .

Idaho ski resorts are versatile . Just like being able to get a potato mashed, fried or baked, Idaho ski resorts offer guests more than just stand alone incredible skiing. Tubing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling are also on offer at these destinations and groups can find all kinds of fun to make winter memories that will last a life time like riding the mountain coaster at Bogus Basin or playing at Silver Mountain’s indoor water park .

It’s true to say that good farmers make good food and even more true to say that good people make good company . That’s why your winter ski vacation in Idaho will be one you’ll want to repeat year after year. Sure, the skiing’s great and the snow is amazing but it’s the people of Idaho that make this state feel like a home away from home. In the end, you can't beat Idaho ski resorts for their unique tastes and quality - just like the potatoes.