Making (and keeping!) "Skiing Friends"

For a lot of us who learned how to ski or snowboard later in life, we may not have fond memories of getting dragged to the top of a mountain with a group of “friends.” Said “friends” then would proceed to take off at breakneck speed, leaving us there wondering just how on earth we are supposed to stop on these board like things. Once you finally got moving and accomplished approximately 150 traverses in 50 feet, you breathlessly caught up with your posse only to have them take off again leaving you to wonder just who the heck these “friends” really were. 

Now that you have had years of practice and find yourself on the other end of this “skiing friends” spectrum, we at Schweitzer would like to help you be a better friend to those in your world who are curious about learning to ski or snowboard. We want to help you maintain these important relationships while helping you build that all important crew you can call on to ride with on any given day.

How do we plan to do this? Well, we have our own crew of “skiing friends” called Snowsports School. They are some of the best folks on the mountain and, get this, they even like waiting for other people. They even like stopping and taking time to explain to new skiers and riders how to stop. Pretty awesome skill set, don’t you think?

So here’s what you need to do – bring your never-ever skier or snowboarder up to Schweitzer and get them signed up for our “Never-Ever Beginner Package.” They’ll get a 1 to 2 hour lesson, gear rental, and a lower mountain lift ticket for just $45. But what’s more important is that this package will give them the confidence to keep skiing or riding. They’ll be able to learn some great basics from a professional while you are out there ripping laps on the Colburn Triple. 

Once you’ve got them hooked, and it usually only takes one lesson, bring them back to complete our “Ski 4 FREE in 3” first timer program. They can sign up for two more lessons for just $154 (that includes gear and tickets) and when they knock it out of the park on that third lesson, they’ll earn a “Grad Pass” good for unlimited skiing from mid-March through to our closing day April 12. Voila, newest member of your posse, right there! Or perhaps you can convince them to just sign up for the “Ski 4 FREE in 3” before they even get on the snow and pay only $165 for the entire lesson program up front. 

You know, there’s even a benefit for you to take a lesson too. Over the years, it’s easy to pick up bad habits and get stuck in a rut with how we ski or ride. Sign up for a group lesson one afternoon and meet some other folks who are just as eager to improve as you are. There’s also the option of going back to being a beginner yourself and taking up skiing or snowboarding if you already do one or the other. It’s your chance to learn it right the first time and make some fond memories this February. Your skiing friends are waiting for you.