No Need for a Resolution

This is the month that a lot of people decide they are going to improve themselves with a new fitness regime, healthy eating, or just being nicer to their family & friends.

We don’t want you to do any of those. Nope. Nada one.

What we at Schweitzer would like to ask of you this New Year is much simpler:

Number one – try to ski new runs. Yes, we know you love Australia. It’s a great run. But have you skied Abracadabra? All you do is head a little bit further down the Great Divide and as you pass the off-load of Sunnyside, pop on in there and enjoy this fun pitch that leads you back to the village. Or how about taking Toomey’s Trail? Yes, you’ll have to ski past Australia to get there but Toomey’s is a blast and definitely way under skied. It’s also a designated 10th Mountain Division Trail which makes it part of a pretty amazing piece of ski history. Who knew!

Number two – try to make some new friends. Yes, your posse is killer and you all rock this place. But how about branching out and meeting some new folks on the lift or in a lesson. There’s a great chance that even you experts could learn a thing or two (or find a new spot or two) if you go exploring Schweitzer with other folks, including an instructor.

There is this strange misconception that people think only beginners need lessons but let’s be honest, you’ve probably picked up some really bad habits over the last 10 years. If you really want to improve anything this year, take a lesson. Group and private lessons are offered daily so that’s one thing that can be easily scheduled. And the best part? You can still have beer and cookies after this resolution. Heck, your new friends might even buy!

Never-ever skiers and riders out there might not know that January in ski world is dedicated to you. Seriously. It’s national “Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month” and Schweitzer has some amazing lesson deals to get you out on the mountain. Learning to ski at 50 is not as frightening as it may sound and with others just like you in your group, making friends comes easy on Musical Chairs.

Number three – renew your commitment to your sport. We love bluebird powder days. We love bluebird groomer days. But we also need to learn to love the grey, mellow late January days where just making turns makes you feel good. Skiing and snowboarding help us get out of our winter blues by reconnecting us to the outside. Bundle up, wear your face mask, get your low-light googles, use whatever gear you can to make the most of our winter in North Idaho. Meet up with those new friends or take that lesson and enjoy every day of what can feel like an eternity in winter around here.

This new year, we don’t want you to make a resolution to be a new you. We want you to make a resolution to embrace winter for all it’s worth. You’re already pretty darn special and we love you just the way you are. But maybe just a little bit more after you take a lesson. 

This article first appeared in the January 2018 edition of The Bonner County Daily Bee "Neighbors" supplement.