Parking, Transportation, & Shuttle during Covid

Snow in the village this week has created somewhat of an urgency to complete all our on-mountain improvements while we refine our protocol for the coming winter season. We have had many questions about parking, transportation and shuttle services so let’s take a closer look at these now.

With the current status of the hotel construction process, I anticipate a shortage of underground parking for guests in the main lot which will compound challenges we already face in the Gateway and Fall Line lots. Although limited, we will still have seasonal reserved parking in the main lot for those who already purchased parking passes (which are now sold out) as well as traditional weekend and holiday paid parking available on a first come first serve basis. ATV parking will be managed based on availability along Village Lane and a small corner of the main lot. 

As in years past, the SPOT (Selkirk Pend Oreille Transit) bus will run on their traditional schedule, every 30 minutes from the Red Barn, but this year they will require everyone to be seated, with no option for standing. Obviously, this will reduce their overall carrying capacity, so please plan accordingly. To help support SPOT, Schweitzer will provide an employee only shuttle to help mitigate the reduction in seating during peak periods especially on weekends and holidays. Also important to note is that the Selkirk Recreation District (SRD) will not provide their on mountain shuttle service for homeowners, adding yet another layer to an already complicated situation. 

The impact of the hotel construction project coupled with the decreased capacity on the SPOT bus service coming out to the “Red Barn” places an even greater demand for parking in all of our traditional lots this winter. We have experienced a significant increase in RV vacationers at Schweitzer which we believe will continue this coming winter season. Unfortunately, that means that RV parking will need to relocate to the fire station lot. 

In anticipation of this change, we have increased the parking area at the fire station and the other side of the roundabout with a plan to add porta-potties and provide shuttle service to the base area. SPOT has also agreed to add a stop at the fire station for pick up and drop off every 30 minutes. If the demand from the fire station exceeds SPOT’s capacity, we will add additional shuttle services to and from the village area. 

Once again, I can’t remind everyone enough that these are unprecedented times and we’ll need your support to continue operating throughout the winter season. We are doing what we can to mitigate the spread of Covid while keeping us active out on the mountain. Another project we are working on is partnering with food trucks as a lunch alternative off the Gateway Lot. Hopefully, this alternative to indoor dining can help you use your vehicle not only as your locker room, but also as the best lunch spot while at Schweitzer this winter. The season is going to be different but it’s still going to be fun. We hope you will support us as we continue to search for creative ways to face this challenge.

Be kind. Be compassionate. Have patience. 

Tom Chasse
CEO Schweitzer Mountain Resort 

** This is the fifth statement released this fall with regards to Winter 2020/21 and Covid. Please feel free to read Tom's previous statements on our blog page. **