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April 7, 2019 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM

three men on a sled

"Over the Line" Cardboard & Duct Tape Derby!

This will prove to be a crazy event during Schpring Finale that will test your ingenuity and engineering skills. With just cardboard, duct tape, string and decorations you must build a sled that is faster, more creative and longer lasting than your competitors!

** Pre-registration required via Eventbrite! **

Please read the following list of requirements carefully so there is no confusion:

  • Sleds must be built from only cardboard, duct tape, string, paper decorations (think paint and balloons) 
  • Up to 4 People per sled – everyone must be sitting during the run no more than 6 inches above the ground. Minimum age is 9 years. 
  • Helmets are required, soft boots only (no ski boots) 
  • Start line will be determined by the speed of the snow 
  • This is a timed event – best combined time of 2 runs will advance to finals (3 participants – one run each) Best final run wins. 
  • The bottom of the sled must be fully exposed cardboard. No paint or tape. However, you may wax the cardboard to enhance the sliding features. 
  • No plastic, metal, wood or other hard building materials or decorations 
  • No changes in sled or participants between runs 
  • Participants will haul their own device up the hill and push it down. Please be sure you have a haul rope and strong bodies. 
  • Registration and releases must be done in advance 
  • $25 entry fee -$20 is refundable after you clean up the mess 
  • Limited to 30 entries 

The winner gets a $100 gift card.  

So .... do you still want to do it? Go to Eventbrite.com to register … space is limited! 
You MUST pre-register. Everyone riding in the sled must have a signed release (under 18 signed by a parent or legal guardian)

*Check in is from 12 -12:45pm.
*Hauling uphill starts at 1:00pm.
*Competition over at 2:30pm. 
*You are required to clean up your mess and haul it the trash receptacle.