Schweitzer Internet & TV Option

Intermax Networks is the area’s best internet service provider, offering the fastest and most reliable connection available on the mountain.

Intermax has invested in fiber infrastructure that will enhance service and ensure that your telecommunications technology is future-fit. Beyond cable and DSL, fiber is definitively the best choice for speed, reliability, and long-term sustainability. 

Whether you just use the Internet to check email and surf the web or have multiple users streaming in every room of the house, we have the speeds for all your needs! Search, stream, game and more at the same time. Visit for more information. 









Family Plan
Family Plan
Business Class
 * 5-10 devices general surfing

* 2-3 streaming HD devices

* No data caps
* 5-10 devices general surfing

* 2-3 streaming HD devices

* No data caps
 * Wi-Fi Modem and Support

* VPN capable

* Heavy usage

* Large Number of devices

* Multiple TVs

* 4k/Ultra HD streaming capability

*No data caps

Search, stream, game and more at the same time.  Stream TV from your home internet provider. 
This plan is only $4 more than the lowest current MUC monthly service, with almost 20 times the bandwidth. Experience consistency even during peak times.

Search, stream, game and more at the same time.
Stream TV from your home internet provider.

This plan saves almost $100 a year for the consumer but allows for the continued maintenance of the network infrastructure year-round.

The ultimate work from home experience.  Perfect for HD video streams, live streaming, and instant file sharing for the whole family and their friends – while running your business.

Seasonal Option
Not Available
Only Seasonal
Seasonal Option
Not Available

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $50 activation and installation before October 31, 2019. After November 1, activation and installation is $100. There is a $100 hook up fee for new service which covers up to an hour of Tech labor. Returning accounts will be charged a $75 hook up if we need to send a Tech to your site. If we can reactivate your modem remotely there is no fee.

* Seasonal plan requires minimum service activation for 7 months. Seasonal term is October through April. Early termination will require payment of term balance or $100, whichever is greater. 

* Opt in to Max-Care program for an additional $10 per month for complete management of the Wi-Fi router and modem, replacements for failed or troubled routers included.

* 50Mbps "bump" option on the 25 Mbps non-season package, pay an additional $25 per month to get up to 50Mbps.

Streaming TV Options

Get started streaming right away when you connect your Internet ready devices to the power of Intermax’s High-Speed Internet. Access your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, music and more through your computer, laptop, tablet, gaming console, streaming device, or smart TV. Visit our website for more information on streaming services.

  • Intermax offers TV access to 120 digital and HD channels. TV service includes a set top box with over 120 digital and HD channels. This is $75/month plus $10/month per box (box required for each TV).
  • Minimum service activation for TV is 7 months. Early termination will require payment of term balance or $100, whichever is greater. Seasonal term is October through April.

For more information, please visit Intermax's Schweitzer Internet Website