KinderKamp Lessons

Thank you for a great season! As of April 9, KinderKamp is closed for the 2022-23 Winter Season.

Part ski camp, part adventure camp, the Children's Center offers an all-day, interactive experience for kids between 4 - 6 years old. Our team of professional instructors combine ski lessons with a timely, indoor recreation break where the kids get to play, create art, and relax in our licensed daycare. It's a great way for parents to enjoy the mountain safe in knowing that everyone is having fun!  

Summer and Winter 2023-24 information coming soon!

Important information:

  • Reservations are required. Private lesson pickup is available with daycare options for children of all ages. 
  • Group lesson times vary depending on ability level and are available until the end of March (weather permitting)
  • Ski rentals are available at the Children's Center so please arrive early to get your child set up with equipment.
  • For more information about the Children's Center daycare programs, please CLICK HERE .  
  • To contact the Children's Center, please call 208.263.9555 x2271 or email .