From Dirt to Road,
We Have You Covered

If you want to test your skills or just take a nice ride stop by the Rental Shop. From bikes to sunscreen and everything in-between; they have what you need to make the most of your Schweitzer experience.

For all the details about our trails, visit our Mountain Biking Page!

Type of Bike3 Hours
(Any 3 Hours)
Full Day
(11am to 5pm)
Adult Full Suspension$45.00$65.00
20" & 24" Junior Full Suspension $35.00$55.00
Adult Full Suspension eBikes$75.00$95.00
Downhill Package Upgrade
Includes full face helmet & armor
Standard Helmet Only$10.00$10.00
Full Face Helmet$15.00$15.00
Knee/Shin Armor$10.00$10.00
Elbow Armor$5.00$5.00
Road Bike$25.00$40.00

Helmets are required equipment for all mountain bikers on Schweitzer's property. Standard helmet included w/ all SMR rentals. $50 deposit on a credit card required on all rentals. All prices are subject to 6% Idaho State Sales Tax & 1% SMCA fee, 7.21% total.