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April 15, 2017

Hard to believe we only have two days left of the season! Let’s hope for some sun and spring conditions. The past week was fun despite the rapidly changing weather. The conditions were good for most of the week and Tuesday sounds like one of the better park days of the year. I was at home taking advantage of the weather and working on the garden so I guess I shouldn’t judge anyone that wasn’t up here. We’ve basically been maintaining what we have in the parks, and everything’s still hitting good, although shrinking a little bit as it melts. We got a few inches overnight so it’ll be interesting to see how speed is this morning, hopefully it just turns to slushy fun spring park conditions. I hope everyone had a great season. It was a challenging one for us from a building aspect with very little snow for the first couple of months, then a ton of snow, then a ton of melting, but it seems like it came together over time. We put a little more emphasis on SouthPark and I think it paid off judging by the amount of traffic it received all season. Now it’s about time to look forward to summer and whatever keeps you occupied until it’s time to ski again. I hope everyone has a great off-season, and we’ll see you back up here before you know it. Enjoy the last weekend, keep it safe, and have fun!

Dan Nylund

April 8, 2017

One week left in the season, hopefully we see a few more people than this past week. The past few days have been fun after the rain stopped. The snow was soft and usually pretty fast, but it’s been kind of a ghost town. Maybe a little sunshine will get people out. So far, all our features are still holding up and hitting good. It looks like it’ll be freezing at night for the next little while which will help keep it going until the end, but it also means rougher and firm conditions in the mornings. Beware of the firm fast conditions. We’ll open stuff up as we see fit depending on how smooth stuff came out the night before and how quickly it softens up if it’s chunky. Have a great weekend and come up and get it before it’s too late.

The Stomping Grounds Crew 

March 31, 2017

Another tough week with the weather in our world, but we were able to get a few more features changed up. With another foot of snow followed by pouring rain, we put off building until Thursday night; but we got the S-rail set up above the shack, a triple kink using the Pistole double kink and a round bar below the shack, and the big tube reset where the hip was out of the ditch. Chair 2 Mound was also rebuilt early in the week and is big and lofty. It looks like we could have some fun warm sunny days over the next week so break out your sunscreen and enjoy the last couple weeks of the season. We’ve got a bunch of salt to keep the features hitting good throughout the day, but beware that things could be firm and chunky early in the mornings. For those of you who like to hit our features on the last run of the day after they’ve been raked and closed, please understand that you are making it tough on anyone hoping to hit them the next morning. We have to wait until the snow softens up enough to rake the frozen ruts out before we can open up. Catching a foot of air to a flat deck just doesn’t seem that exhilarating that it’s worth delaying opening the next day. Please do us and your fellow park riders a favor and find another 1 ft. jump to hit. Hit any of the sides that aren’t freshly raked and closed off. Thanks for your cooperation. Have a great week.

The Park Crew

March 24, 2017

We had a busy week in the parks getting things rebuilt and for the last few weeks of the season. The weather wasn’t very cooperative but it looks like it’ll be freezing at night for the next several days at least, and that’ll help preserve what we have and make grooming a little less frustrating. In the Stomping Grounds, we rebuilt the entire large jump line. They had melted away to about half their height with all the rain, but they’re back to their full size and have been hitting great. We also set an elevated tower cannon feature below Chair 2 mound, changed up the bottom t-bar feature to have multiple options, swapped the crooked rail with the donkey, and set the crooked rail outside the shack. In SouthPark, we added another fuel tank, and the Terrain Garden got rebuilt as well. All in all, a pretty good week that should make for some fun spring park laps. It’s dumping out now, but hopefully we’ll see some sunshine soon. Be sure to check out all the features before you use them, and if you notice something melting out that we haven’t attended to, feel free to let a park ranger know so we can fix it. Stuff changes constantly throughout the day with warm temps, but we’ll do our best to keep everything in good shape by salting and raking. Have a great weekend and enjoy the new features.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

March 17, 2017

Pretty crazy week with the weather up here making it pretty tough building and grooming. Lots of melting going on but the snow was fun for a lot of it. Looks like a pretty firm morning out there right now, kind of like yesterday, but the sun’s about to poke above the mountains and hopefully that’ll soften things up. We did get a couple of new features up including a flat box at the top of SouthPark and the wallride above the rainbow in the Stomping Grounds. We’re still hoping to get the big jump line rebuilt as soon as we get a chance; they’re still hitting good though so we’re waiting until we have decent snow to work with. Making steep landings in the rain doesn’t work too well, especially without our winch working. Looks like a mixed bag for the weekend, maybe some snow, maybe some rain, hopefully some sun. Whatever the case, with only four weeks to go, might as well get out there and make the most of it. Have a fun weekend, be aware of changing conditions throughout the day; and rain or shine, we’ll be out there.

The Park Crew

March 10, 2017

If it wasn’t for some of the best runs I’ve had in a long time this week, I’d be a little more upset watching all our features get swallowed up by feet of snow. We’ve been able to maintain though for the most part. Features in the Stomping Grounds have held up well, and we were able to get a large takeoff on Chair 2 Mound last night. We’ll see about testing her today, looks like the rain/snow and wind might postpone it, but it’s there and ready when the weather shapes up. The large jump line has held up for the most part and is still hitting good, we’ll look at starting to rebuild this coming week as the takeoffs have shrunk quite a bit. We rebuilt the SouthPark Jumps on Wednesday and plan to add a couple more features in there early in the week. Looks like it could be a bit wet and wild over the next few days, so bring your waterproof gear and come have some fun. Free twilight skiing tonight – Look Out! Keep it safe out there and look forward to some fun spring skiing.
Dan and the Stomping Grounds Crew

March 3, 2017

Unless you don’t like riding powder, I’d say we had a pretty darn good week. A few feet of new snow, good visibility, I can’t complain. The guys did a lot of shoveling to keep things in good shape in the parks. We got a few new things set up and reset over the past couple nights. In SouthPark we reset the flat bar above the fuel tank, and in the Stomping Grounds last night, we set the shotgun rainbow back up by the bottom shack, and below that we set the donkey as an up to a down t-bar tower with alternate takeoffs to the down. Just above the rainbow is a round bar with a side takeoff set high up on a hip. We pushed on the Chair 2 mound with hopes of getting it going, but the winch cat we use broke down so we weren’t able to get the landing dialed in just yet. It should be done this coming week. Looks like a little more snow each day for the next little while so we’ll keep shoveling and keeping things as fresh as possible, and hopefully we’ll have some sunny park days in our future. In the meantime, enjoy the powder, there’s still a lot out there, and have fun on the new features.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

February 24, 2017

We had a big week in the parks this week with some nice weather and good snow. In SouthPark we set up a fuel tank at the bottom, and the Terrain Garden jumps have been rebuilt as well. We spent most of our time in the Stomping Grounds getting ready for the Smokin’ Aces Slopestyle coming up tomorrow. We got a few new features set up on the left of the park in the ditch including a big tower leading into a crooked round bar then into a left hand hip. At the top of the big line, we re-set the urban down bar and added a flat-down box. Then on the first two jumps, we’ve added medium takeoffs on the left sides. The third jump will get a medium takeoff in the middle early tomorrow morning for the slopestyle. We can’t groom the landing once that takeoff is in place which is why we only have two medium takoffs so far. You’ll also see a start mound above the first rail set so beware of that. The conditions have been nice and smooth but they are starting to firm up with the cold temperatures. We’re planning on starting to work on the Chair 2 Mound early next week to start a skier’s right line in the Stomping Grounds. It’s shaping up for a fun end of the season. Remember to always look at features before you use them, they’ve changed a lot this week. Have a fun weekend, it looks like the weather could be decent for our event.

The Park Crew

February 17, 2017

What a crazy week of weather again! At least we were able to rebuild our big jump line before the rain set in with one and two up for the couple of sunny days early in the week. We got jump three going right before it started raining so we’ll be doing some fine tuning on it. We weren’t able to get quite as much done as we’d hoped but we did get a down box set back up in SouthPark and a mound started for a new fuel tank feature as soon as the weather settles and night skiing is done for the weekend. We have quite a bit ready to set stuff but with night skiing through Sunday night, it’ll wait until Monday. Not sure what to expect as far as snow conditions in the park today, we’ve done our best to avoid another freeze up like we had a week ago so we’ll see how it is today and how it grooms out tonight. Smokin’ Aces is coming up a week from tomorrow so we’ll be working hard to prepare for that throughout next week. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we get some decent conditions to work with, keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, try to find some good snow, there’s a lot of new on top of the mountain, and look forward to a bunch of new features over the next week.

February 10, 2017

What an insane week we’ve had! It was so good, then it was so bad. Needless to say, we’ve got some work ahead of us to get the parks built back up. We got the big jump line stacked up and winched before the rain hit, so their ready for takeoffs as soon as we get the chance which will be Sunday night. We’re planning on building the first two Sunday then channeling out the third one and getting it going for Wednesday. We’ve also been working on the banked slalom course all week and it’s come together nicely. Now we’ve got the snow, we just need a few nights of building to get back in shape. We salvaged most of the features in SouthPark so we could focus on the Stomping Grounds this upcoming week. Hopefully you got some powder runs in over the week before the weather turned on us. Unfortunately we don’t have our big jump line for the weekend, but looking at the weather, by the end of next week we should be looking better than we have all year. What a crazy season so far, hopefully we can be somewhat normal for a little bit and get our parks built how we want. In the meantime, thank you for your patience, and look forward to some sunny weather and a bunch of new features over the course of next week.

The Stomping Grounds Crew 

February 3, 2017

If this storm pans out over the weekend, I think we need to start scheduling park events in the middle of November. I'm not going to complain about getting buried, we've been waiting for it all season, but it could make for an interesting slopestyle and rail jam Saturday. We've had a really busy week getting ready for USASA while trying to freshen up the other parks as well. We rebuilt the jumps in both SouthPark and the Terrain Garden. In the Stomping Grounds, we've set up a multi-hit feature using a t-bar tower, a fuel tank, and a new shotgun down bar donated to the park by Pistol Boardshops in Spokane and Coeur d' Alene on one side. On the other side of the mound is the bank box and a long down box set up like a flat-down. This feature goes into another fuel tank stall and vending machine tap provide by Monster. Get creative! These two features are for the rail jam Saturday afternoon following the slopestyle. In the slopestyle course, we've added a flat box on the small side for a top jib, and have built a medium alternate takeoff on the left side of each jump mound. Tonight, we'll be adding small jumps on the right side of each jump mound. Be aware that many of the Stomping Grounds features will be closed to the public on Saturday for the USASA event, but with a freshening up of the Southpark jumps, there's plenty of fun to be had over there still. Or go ride powder if the weather forecast is even close to right. Have a fun weekend, and make sure to check everything out before using it. Features will be changing constantly throughout the day if it's dumping, so be aware of that, and hopefully we're finally gonna catch up on our snowpack.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

January 27, 2017

We had a busy week of pushing every bit of snow we could to get the third jump in our big line built in preparation for the slopestyle coming up next weekend. We got it built, along with a couple of new rails. In SouthPark we set up a small down shotgun rail below the two boxes, and in the Stomping Grounds, we set up a t-bar tower to the left of the third jump. We built the jump a little smaller than in the past in an attempt to make it usable in a wider variety of conditions. Check it out before using it and get a feel for the speed. Over the next week, we’ll be continuing to build for the USASA slopestyle and rail jam so expect to see some changes to the top rails as well as some alternate takeoffs on the jumps and a new rail setup above the shack. Doesn’t look like much snow for the next little bit so conditions will remain hard and fast. So take it easy, check out all the features before using them, and have a fun and safe weekend.

The Park Crew

January 20, 2017

Well we finally got some snow that’ll stack up quickly and we were able to push two new jumps in the Stomping Grounds this week. We re-stacked and rebuilt the first jump, and built a second over the past couple of nights. We also added a shotgun rainbow at the very bottom of the park, and a flat box in SouthPark. Things will come together pretty quickly with this heavy snow, and we expect to get the third jump by the middle of next week as well as some other features. We appreciate everyone’s patience this season as snow conditions have been far from ideal for building, but expect to see a lot of changes over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for our first event of the season – The USASA Slopestyle and Rail Jam on Saturday February 4th. Make sure to check out all the new features before using them, and make sure you have your park passes to use the Stomping Grounds. Have a great weekend.

January 14, 2017

We spent quite a bit of time in Southpark this week changing things up, and pushing on Chair 2 Mound. Hopefully this next storm pans out and we can get some bigger mounds pushed up in the Stomping Grounds. In SouthPark, we set up a Barrel jib at the top followed by a C-box then a couple of rollers. On the far left there’s a flat bar and the flat-down box at the bottom. In the Stomping Grounds, we set up the crooked rail leaning on the right side of the first jump mound, and after the fuel tanks, we set up a multi-use down-flat-down tower feature. We’re planning on focusing on the Stomping Grounds this coming week. With our first event just a few weeks away, hopefully the new snow coming up will give us what we’ve been waiting for to get our center line built. It should be a busy weekend, so watch out for the other guy, and keep it mellow in congested areas. Have a fun holiday weekend, and keep your fingers crossed for a big storm next week.

January 6, 2017

We got a little time with the winch this week and pulled all the snow out of Hole Shot to build our first jump in the Stomping Grounds. We also set up the donkey to down bar and mailbox on the mound above the jump. Below the jump, we have a multi-use fuel tank jib. On the left above the shack, we set up a slight up t-bar and the big tube with a side tranny. We’ve pretty much depleted our snow supply again, but hopefully it’ll get replenished this weekend with something with a little more moisture content. Now that we’re getting some larger features set up in the Stomping Grounds, we’ll be requiring park passes. Expect to get checked, and have them ready. As always, they’re easy to get online or at the park shack, and they only cost $5 for the season pass; That’s less that one beer or your favorite Starbucks concoction. Please check out all the features before using them, and be aware the snow is pretty firm with these cold temperatures. Have a fun and safe weekend, and cross your fingers for a little warmer temperatures and some more snow.

December 30, 2016

We hope everyone is having a good holiday. Mother Nature has delivered with some great snow and nice weather and we're pretty excited to have a little more to work with. With night skiing all week, we've been pressed for time to move it around, but we've been able to get a second medium jump in SouthPark built, and some mounds started for our main line in the Stomping Grounds. Once the week of night skiing is done on Sunday night, we'll be able to start pulling some features out to make room to push more of the snow where we want it. We're still about a foot shy of what we normally can start pushing our big mounds with, but we'll do what we can with what we have, and we're excited to start changing some stuff up that's been up for awhile. There are still some rocks to watch out for around the parks, so keep your eyes open for those; and there are a lot of people out on the hill, so watch out for others and slow down around crowds. Make sure to check out all features before using them, and have a fun and safe weekend. We hope you're ready for some new features next week, I know we are.

December 22, 2016

We’ve scraped up every little bit of new snow to get as much out of it as we could over the past few nights, and we were able to get four new features set up last night. It’s been a painfully slow process getting stuff built this season with a couple inches of snow here and there, but we have a wide assortment of jib features now and a new medium jump in SouthPark. Besides the jump, we set up a bank box to tower combo on the Ch. 2 Mound in the Stomping Grounds. We also set up a rainbow box next to the bottom shack. In the Terrain garden, we built another small jump. It looks like we could get another few inches over the next couple of days to freshen things up, keep your fingers crossed. We’ll start requiring park passes on Saturday for the Stomping Grounds, so if you haven’t got them yet, get online or stop by the park shack. They’re only five bucks for the season now, and still free for day tickets. It’s pretty firm and pretty thin where we’ve been farming snow, so take it easy and watch where you’re going. Be sure to check everything out before you use it, and have a fun and safe holiday. Merry Christmas from the Terrain Parks Crew.

December 16, 2016

Well, we’ve scraped it down to the rocks and shrubs again to change some stuff up over the week. We’re a little jealous of what some of our neighbors got in snow over the past week, but we’ll do what we can with the few inches that fell on us. We were able to add a few little rollers to the Terrain Garden, and in SouthPark, we swapped out the down round bar for a box. In the Stomping Grounds last night, the boys got creative and we set up four new jib features. We have a mailbox to fuel tank elbow that can be used in multiple different ways including straight on or from either side skipping the mailbox all together. After that, we have a short shotgun waterfall to double kink, then a C-rail connected to a down round bar. And finally to round it out, we set up another t-bar tower. There are a lot of different transitions to get creative on, so have some fun and pray for snow. We’re really hoping to get a little more so that we can fill out our parks some more before Christmas break. In the meantime, dress really warm, watch for icy patches, especially at the bottom of the park, and work on your rail game.

The Park Crew

December 9, 2016

Well, week 2 and waiting for snow. I see a few flakes coming down which is hopeful, but it’ll take more than a few to really start pushing stuff around in the parks. We were able to scrape up enough, however, to get a few features set up in SouthPark and the Terrain Garden. In SouthPark, we set up a short round down bar, a down box, and a flat-down box. In the Terrain Garden, we have a wide flat box and a small jump. We’ll continue to set more stuff as we get snow, hopefully over the next few days. It’s getting firm in the parks with all the cold weather, and the water patches have turned to ice toward the bottom of the Stomping Grounds, so beware of those, they may be covered up with a little bit of snow and hard to see. Also beware of icy patches around snowguns, it may be really slick coming out of the Terrain Garden. It’s still really early in the season so continue to take it easy until some of these obstacles get covered up, and dress warm, it looks like our cold temps are going to continue. Have a great safe weekend, have fun with the new features, and find some powder stashes, there are still a few out there.

The Park Crew

December 2, 2106

Welcome back to winter! We hope you’ve figured out how tight your pants should be, how long your sweatshirt should be, and how much facial hair is appropriate because ready or not, we’re open tomorrow! We’ve been able to set up eight jib features in the Stomping Grounds this week with six that you can hit in a row. There’s also a variety of natural features to get creative with including rocks, sticks, and creeks, but take it a little easy until we get a little more snow. The coverage is pretty darn good though for opening day; the park crew took several laps setting up ropes, signs, and tower pads and we’re definitely not complaining. We haven’t groomed the top of the Stomping Grounds or the top of South Park yet so there’s still some powder to be had. All the features are in the Stomping Grounds right now, but hopefully with the snow they’re predicting, we’ll be able to get some stuff going on Musical Chairs and in South Park next week. You still have a little time to get your park passes, you’ll need them for the Stomping Grounds once we get some bigger features set up. Good news for you, we’ve lowered the price to five bucks for the whole season, and it’s still free for day tickets. That doesn’t give you many excuses to not get it. Stop by the park shack or go onto the Terrain Parks page of Schweitzer’s website to order it online. We look forward to seeing you all over the weekend. I think it’s off to a good start and it looks great for the days ahead.

The Park Crew