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December 14, 2018

Well things are starting to look up! We got quite a bit of snow over the week and have been working feverishly to get it pushed around where we need it. We’ve got some mounds started for a rail line on the left side of the Stomping Grounds which we plan to set up early next week. For now they will be fun to mess around on as they are, but we left all the jibs up other than the c-rail so there’s still some stuff to slide on. We set up the Terrain Garden on Wednesday night with the wide box and two small jumps. Gypsy is now opened up and groomed, as is the top of the park so please use that entrance instead of the side entrance. Nastar will be opening soon so the side entrance will no longer be accessible. We’re going to focus on the Stomping Grounds over the next week to get as much done as we can before night skiing starts and we’re kind of dead in the water as far as building goes for a week. We’ll get to SouthPark after that, but expect to have an assortment of medium to medium/large features in the Stomping Grounds by the end of next week. Conditions are really fun and the hazards are far fewer than a week ago, but still look ahead because not everything is filled in yet. Have fun out there; have a great Community Day; and watch out for the other guy, it should be a busy one!

The Park Crew

December 8, 2018

If you don’t like snow, what a great week! I guess for the rest of us, there’s always next week right? Despite the lack of snow, we did set up a couple more boxes in the Stomping Grounds park including a flat-down box and a slightly down box. The snowmaking crew made some snow for us on Musical Chairs last night; I’m planning to hopefully work off of that snow as a base and build with the new snow we’ll be getting next Tuesday – fingers crossed. Regardless, unless some drastic unforeseen obstacle gets in our way, we’ll have a Terrain Garden around the middle of next week. As for the Stomping Grounds and SouthPark, we’re about a foot of snow away from being able to do anything in SouthPark and a couple of feet from starting on big jumps in the Stomping Grounds. We’ll add stuff and change stuff around as we’re able to, and we’ll get something going in the way of jumps as soon as it’s possible. In the meantime, have fun on the eight features we do have up, and ask Santa for snow for Christmas. There’s still not enough snow to groom the top of the Stomping Grounds, so we’ll keep the road above the bottom of Nastar open until there’s enough snow for them to run their ropes. Obviously there are still a lot of sticks and stones to watch out for, although they get a little smaller as I grind them up every night, so take it easy and look ahead. See you out there, I’ll be the guy taking it easy and looking ahead.

Dan and the Park Crew

November 20, 2018

We packed up and moved out of the top of Musical Chairs yesterday and up to the Stomping Grounds. We were able to get six features set up including the two big towers, two t-bar towers, a C-rail, and a down box. Hopefully get some more going Monday night, we’ll see if we get any snow over the next couple of days. The run itself has a lot of obstacles including, but not limited to rocks, sticks, creeks, and ruts. Grooming was a bit rough with the wet snow and little of it, but it’ll at least get a little smoother, but dirtier as we groom more. I suspect conditions will be firm where I groomed last night, so take it slow and easy, and watch for the aforementioned hazards. There is a groomed way out of the top of the park through SouthPark, but it is one lane for a little ways at the top. You can also enter the Stomping Grounds from the road located on the right side of Midway above the bottom Nastar shack. Have fun out there, but play it safe, conditions are variable.

Dan and the Park Crew

November 21, 2018

Well, here we go! Thanks to the snowmakers leaving a pile of snow unattended at the top of Musical Chairs, we were able to get little rail garden set up for the weekend. We got a couple of towers, a mailbox, an urban down bar, and a down box set. Since Musical Chairs isn’t open, you’ll need to hike it, but it was the best spot we had with what little snow there is. Midway was a little too narrow to set anything up there, and hopefully this will help with congestion. Everything seems to be sliding well, and while the options are limited, we figure anything is better than nothing. Looks like we may get a little snow in the next few days; keep your fingers crossed. We’re still driving to the park in a truck, so we’ll need a good storm to move stuff up there. In the meantime, get up here and enjoy what we have, it’s better than sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Have a happy Thanksgiving, we’ll see you this weekend.

The Park Crew