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April 6, 2018

Just when you thought it might be Spring. . . Ha! Jokes on you! We got a lot of snow this week, which has required more rebuilding in our parks. You’ll notice a new third jump in the large jump line and the hip at the bottom has been built up taller and is super fun. We’re really hoping for some sunny park riding before it’s all said and done; this weekend looks Springy, but maybe a little wet. Maybe that’s perfect for the pond skim, it won’t matter if you get a little more wet. We might set up a couple more features next week if the weather looks like it might shape up, but most everything right now is in pretty good shape and we’ve rebuilt a lot over the past couple of weeks. Be sure to check everything out before you hit it, and beware of variable conditions. Looks like it’ll be pretty warm during the day and freeze at night for the next little while. Have a fun weekend, join in the festivities, and look forward to one last slush-filled week.

The Park Crew

March 31, 2018

One last rebuild, I hope. We’ve been busy this week rebuilding SouthPark jumps, the first two jumps in the Stomping Grounds, and setting up three combinations of six rails. We also put a takeoff on Chair 2 mound but want to spend a little more time on the landing early next week before it gets rolling. We’ve had a couple of fun sunny spring days that also included a little snow, wind, hail, rain, rainbows, you name it; but we’ll take that sun any chance we get at this point. So basically, a lot of stuff got changed up this week so please check things out before you hit it. Looks like a total mixed bag of weather for a while with pretty warm temps during the day and freezing at night. We’ll continue to add a few things as the season draws to a close. So bring you sunglasses, a poncho, every goggle lens you own, maybe some sunscreen and a positive attitude because the parks are in great shape, and if you don’t like the weather, give it ten minutes.

The Park Crew

March 23, 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks. With three events in a row to build, it’s been a pretty busy month. Looking forward now to a few weeks of fun sunny park riding – fingers crossed. We’ve started our build to get us through the remainder of the season moving the wall off of Chair 2 Mound to where the Pistole was, and stacking and winching Chair 2 Mound to build our largest jump on it. We’ll plan on doing one more rebuild on our big jump line and SouthPark as well. It looks like quite a bit of snow tomorrow to freshen things up a bit, then warm and sunny next week. Looking forward to a fun spring. Remember, don’t let your guard down, conditions change quickly in the Spring with melt/freeze, and salting as needed. Don’t forget your sunscreen, and drink plenty of water. Let’s have a great final few weeks!

The Schweitzer Park Crew

March 9, 2018

It must be Spring time with the mixed bag of weather we’re getting. Going from one of the best park days of the season earlier in the week, to last night, and then back to sun for the weekend. It’ll take much of today and tonight to get things back in shape after the snow rain mix of last night, but we should be looking good for the weekend and ready for some sunny park laps. Cole rebuilt the euro-gap at the bottom of the Stomping Grounds this week and pulled some of the rails down the left side of the park that were getting buried while I was working on the banked slalom for this weekend. We’ll have a big week coming up getting ready for the Samual Adams Air and Apres coming up on the 17th, so we’ll be mostly maintaining what we have set up for the next week. After that, we’re pretty free and will come up with some new setups for the remainder of the season. Until then, enjoy what we have; we’ve left the features up from Smokin’ Aces so there are still alternate takeoffs on the big jump line. If you’re racing the banked slalom, good luck and have fun. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Dan and the Park Crew

March 3, 2018

Another foot of snow, just in time for the Smokin’ Aces Slopestyle finals! I hope you’ve been enjoying this snow. From a park standpoint, it’s getting a little out of hand; from a riding standpoint, it doesn’t get much better. Hopefully it stops for the night so I can clean up the mess and we can have a good event on Saturday. The weather’s looking good, and luckily, the temperatures have been about perfect. We rebuilt the whole big line down the center of the Stomping Grounds park this week adding alternate takeoffs on jumps 1 – 3, resetting the top rail set, and adding a big tower with a straight on takeoff or bank box step-up side option, to a sidehill fuel tank jib to make for a six feature slopestyle course. Much of the Stomping Grounds will be closed for the event for most of Saturday, but Southpark is open, and we’ll open things back up once the competition is over. In the meantime, I’d be hitting Snowghost since it just opened back up a couple of days ago. Have a great weekend, and good luck to all the competitors.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

February 24, 2018

Looks like another snowy weekend ahead of us. We didn’t change a lot of stuff up over the week besides working on the fourth large jump in the Stomping Grounds and rebuilding some jib takeoffs. We’re planning on rebuilding the center line starting Sunday night so expect stuff to be torn down for a couple of days while we restack and rebuild the jumps, and set some new rails up top in preparation for the Smokin’ Aces slopestyle next Saturday. We’ll be busy the next few weeks with that coming up, then the Stomp Games banked slalom the following weekend, capped off by the Samual Adams Air and Apres show on March 17. The temps look great through next week with a little snow here and there, so hopefully we get decent weather for our slopestyle with a good turnout. In the meantime, have some fun with the new snow, and bundle up, it’s still pretty darn cold out there. And remember, next Saturday is the last night of twilight skiing so get your fix if that’s your jam.

The Park Crew

February 17, 2018

It just keeps snowing! And our features shrink with each storm, then we rebuild them and start the process over again. We’ve set up a lot of new stuff in the past couple of weeks including a big jib line on the right side of the Stomping Grounds. We’ve also started pushing on a fourth jump mound which we haven’t done in a lot of years. By the time you read this, it’ll probably be time to rebuild a lot of the parks again, but the jumps have been hitting well, and we have a variety of new rails and boxes set up throughout SouthPark and the Stomping Grounds. Looks like Saturday is going to get pretty wild with the amount of snow they’re calling for, so enjoy and ski with a buddy. We’ll save as much as we can over the next week and start rebuilding the rest. Smokin’ Aces is only a couple of weeks away, so expect some stuff to get moved around for that and multiple takeoffs put on the jump line. Cold temps and a little dry spell will help us get caught up and set some more new features up, so keep your eyes open and watch for what’s new.

The Park Crew

February 2, 2018

With a little more rain to start the week, it started out a bit rough, luckily it cooled back down pretty quickly and we were able to get to rebuilding. We got the big jump line rebuilt in the Stomping Grounds as well as the jumps in SouthPark and the t'bar tower and long box as well. With the major pushing and winching done again, we're looking forward to working on some more creative jib features on the right side of Stomping Grounds and rebuilding a few more things that got buried last week. Have fun with the new jumps, always look before you leap, and have a safe weekend.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

January 27, 2018

Holy smokes, what a wild week! We started out the week by rebuilding the SouthPark Jumps and building the third takeoff in our large jump line in the Stomping Grounds. Then it snowed four feet! And it’s still snowing right now. We built again on Thursday night setting up the flat-down box and an urban down bar above the jump line. We also built a straight takeoff to the top of the wallride and set the c-box on an angle to be hit into the pocket or to the top bar. We set up the rainbow box as well above the shack. It looks like a fair amount of snow tonight, and again tomorrow, so be patient as we try to get everything dug out again; maybe take some powder laps or something. We’ve been able to save stuff so far to get through the weekend, everything was still hitting pretty good today, and we’ll plan to start rebuilding on Monday. Hard to say what’ll happen Saturday with up to seven inches tonight and eight during the day tomorrow, we’ll get as much as we can open throughout the day. It’s been kind of a wacky winter so far with the weather, and it looks like more curveballs thrown at us Sunday night and Monday; but we’ll keep doing what we can with what we’re given, and look forward to having plenty of snow to work with through the second half of the season. In the meantime, have a great weekend and ride with a buddy.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

January 19, 2018

It was a solid week of building for us and we almost got everything we wanted done before the monsoon hit Wednesday night. The second big jump in the Stomping Grounds is built, we added a double kink and another round bar to the left rail line, and the third big jump mound is done and ready for a takeoff. The goal was to get all three jumps done but we didn’t expect it to start pouring on us, so that’ll wait until Monday. We also rebuilt the Terrain Garden jumps and added a flat box to SouthPark. Next week, we’ll finish the third large jump and rebuild SouthPark jumps. We’re also planning on changing up a couple of rail features including the top set in the Stomping Grounds. Be careful of funky snow conditions. The weather didn’t do us any favors as far as grooming goes and there might be a few lumps and bumps where we were cleaning up from pushing. Hopefully we get a few more inches with some colder temps and things will smooth out nicely. Be sure to check everything out before you hit it, conditions are changing rapidly. And have a fun weekend. Should be a little quieter for a bit with MLK behind us; enjoy.

The Park Crew

January 12, 2018

With the new snow we’ve been getting, we’ve been plugging away getting new features up and pushing our large jump line. The second mound is getting close and we’re hoping to finish it as well as a third next week. We changed out some of the features on the left of the Stomping Grounds to include a fuel tank to an urban down donkey, the shotgun rainbow, and an up t-bar on rollers at the very bottom. We’ll also be working on adding some more features to SouthPark as soon as we replace some plastic that broke during the cold weather on a couple of boxes. Looks like a great weekend to ride some powder until it gets all tracked up. The guys have been hard at it keeping everything dug out and hittable. Don’t forget to get your Park Pass if you haven’t yet, and have a great holiday weekend.


January 5, 2018

Well it was a big week in the park. With night skiing back to its normal schedule, we had some time to move some snow around and got some stuff built. In SouthPark you’ll find four new jib features including a flat box, an urban t-bar tower, a small down shotgun rail, and a front or side-on big tower. In the Stomping Grounds, we got the wallride up as well as a medium/large jump into two offset pyramids to get creative on. We also set up a multi-option rail feature above the park shack. With the new larger features, we’re requiring park passes now so get online and get those, or swing by the shack to watch the video, take the quiz, and sign you park pass agreement. Just like last year, it’s five bucks for the whole season, which is what our department gets charged by the season pass office. It’s still free for day tickets. Looks like we could get a little funky weather, hopefully it gives us a few more inches of snow to work with. We have some fun plans for next week as well toward the bottom of the park so look forward to that. And remember to always check out the features before using them. It’s our first decent size jump of the season so take it easy and warm up. Everybody seemed to be having a blast on it all day, so enjoy, and have a great weekend.

The Park Crew

December 29, 2017

With Christmas week nearly behind us, we’re chomping at the bit to get pushing in our parks. Hopefully this storm brings us a lot of snow, we’re all ready to start pushing jump mounds and change things up. With night skiing every night, we have very little time to do anything but groom what we have, so not a lot has changed over the week. The features are still hitting well and we did add one tower feature on the right side of the Stomping Grounds. The coverage is getting much better, and with this new snow, we’ll start getting after it on Monday evening. Until then, get some powder turns in. Watch out for those around you, it should be a busy weekend. Have fun and be safe, and hope this big storm hits us hard.

The Park Crew

December 22, 2017

Well the snow finally showed up and it's been great riding! We got as much built and rebuilt in the two days since the snow as we could; now with night skiing started, we're pretty limited with build time. We'll be able to set up a few little things here and there but any big pushes will have to wait a week. We still need about a foot more snow to start pushing our big jump line, but we got a couple of fun medium jumps built in SouthPark. We also rebuilt the Terrain Garden, and changed around several things in the Stomping Grounds. The snow's starting to firm up in the parks with the cold temperatures and grooming, so keep in mind your speed for features, and always check stuff out before hitting it. Have a fun weekend on the new features, have a great holiday, and enjoy the new snow.

The Park Crew

December 15, 2017

Looks like the recent dry spell is finally going to break and we may have some snow in our future! If we happen to get a decent amount, we’ll be scrambling to get as much done as possible over the next week and a half before night skiing limits our build time over Christmas. This week we added a c-rail at the bottom of the park and did our best to patch up dirt patches and cover up rocks. It’s still rocky out there though, so pick you lines wisely. Today is Community Day so we expect it to be pretty busy. Watch out for those around you and keep it slow and mellow until we get some more coverage. Have a fun weekend and keep your fingers crossed for a big storm this week.


December 7, 2017

We keep scraping just a little more here and a little more there until we’re able to set up another feature, and until it snows, we’ll keep doing the same. We’re running out though, so keep your fingers crossed for some snow soon. We got the Terrain Garden set up this past week with a wide box and a couple of small jumps. We’ll add some rollers once we’re done making snow on Musical chairs and the snow making pedestals are lowered so there’s more room on Happy Trails. We also added a couple of features in SouthPark – a flat box and a flat-down box. And in the Stomping grounds, we set up a bank box with a gap to a down box and side hit big tower. The snow’s getting really thin everywhere we took it from so beware of rocks and gravel, and water hazards, and whatever else you think could be lurking an inch below the surface. We’re trying to just add features instead of change them out because every time we reuse the snow, we lose a lot of it. In the meantime, enjoy the sunny weather and what snow we have, the skiing’s been really good all week with the cold temps. Having the Great Escape Quad opening will open up a lot more terrain that hasn’t been skied much yet, so get out there and enjoy it.

The Park Crew

December 1, 2017

Here we go, 2017-18 officially starting! We got a little snow this week to start to cover up some of last week’s misfortune, and it’s allowed us to get back in the park with a cat and fix up some of the features that we had on opening weekend. We have six jib features in a row that you can hit again, and the Terrain Garden is getting close. It was all dirt a few days ago so we’re waiting for a few more inches before we’ll be able to get it all set up. The little bit of snow has done a good job of hiding some of the hazards that are out there, so ride with caution. There are patches of powder here and there while other spots got scoured, I recommend the patches of powder if you can find them. We’re really hoping that Saturday brings us some more snow and we’ll start to be able to push something around again; right now we’re still just tiptoeing around in our cats trying to make the skiing through the parks a little better. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that we’re still riding, and keep your fingers crossed. Have a fun and safe weekend, and we’ll be setting up as much as we can over the next week.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

November 24, 2017

I hope you all had fun last weekend, because it looks a little different in the park now. Four days of rain didn’t do any of us any good! I just got done doing what I could with a cat, but due to rocks and dirt everywhere, we’re going to have a rough time getting much built back up today. We’ll try to salvage a few features that don’t have rocks or dirt in the in-runs or landings this morning once the crew shows up to try to stand stuff back up, but beware that there isn’t a very good way into or out of the parks. Also be careful, there are rocks exposed all over so take it slow and watch where you’re going. Hopefully we’ll get some snow soon to get back to the great start we were having, keep your fingers crossed; and in the meantime, watch for hazards. We had the Terrain Garden mostly built when it started raining too, but it’ll take some snow to get it back. We’ll do what we can, but be patient, it’s only November.

Dan and the Stomping Grounds Crew

November 18, 2017

Well here we go! Opening day of 2017-18 and it looks like the best opening day I’ve seen in a long time. We got a bunch of snow over the week to help fill in ditches and cover up the dirt we dug up pushing rail mounds. We were able to get eight features set up yesterday with six rails in a row, and a couple of boxes as well. We’re looking forward to pushing around a bunch more snow over the course of next week so we’ll continue to expand as time and weather allows. Have a great opening weekend, and remember to take it easy and slow. Get your legs under you, there’s a long season ahead. Beware that although coverage is pretty good for opening day, there are still unmarked hazards and inconsistencies. Have a fun and safe weekend.

The Stomping Grounds Crew