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March 22, 2019

Wow! What a week of sun and melting snow! I Hope you’ve been enjoying the spring conditions over the past week, it’s been a fun one to be in the parks. We were looking to rebuild jump 2 and 4 over the week but due to not having a winch available, the fact that they are still hitting well, and the warm conditions, we decided to leave well enough alone and let everyone enjoy what we have up. Depending on what goes on over the next few days, we may change stuff up a little bit next week. We’re losing snow fast and you’ll see dirt in several spots around the park, so watch for those and other obstacles poking through. The guys have been spreading salt to keep speeds consistent and our takeoffs from getting too rutted out. Grooming doesn’t always come out great when it’s 45 degrees at night, so be careful in the morning before things start to soften up. Looks like one more day of sun, then some clouds and a chance of precip for a bit. With a little over two weeks left, get out and enjoy it. It’s been a fun season, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the setup this year.

The Park Crew

March 17, 2019

Another fun Stomp Games behind us with good weather again! What did we do to deserve that? Hopefully you’re all ready for some Spring skiing because this week looks hot and sunny! We started rebuilding the big jump line in Stomping Grounds this week and got jump 1 and 3 done. We’ll work on #2 early this week. We’ve added a few new features over the past couple of weeks including a tall t-bar tower next to the shotgun rainbow. You’ll notice a few dirt patches starting to show through, and I’m sure they’ll really become noticeable over the next week, so beware of that; and with the warm temps we’re supposed to get along with freezing at night, early mornings will be a little crunchy. We’ll salt as we see a need to keep speeds relatively consistent, but know that the conditions of everything including speed will vary throughout the day. If you feel a need to side-hit closed takeoffs on your last run of the day, know that it delays opening for everyone else the next day when your ruts freeze up. We maintain everything by hand for a reason, so please have a little respect and find something else to catch that two feet of air off. We wait as long as we can to close stuff, but with 30+ features, it takes a minute. Have a great week, get out your sunscreen, and have a fun and safe final few weeks of the season. 

The Park Crew

March 1, 2019

Nice to have the wind stop for a couple of days. Looks like more cold and maybe some sun next week. We got chair 2 mound going this week and the guys were finally able to start hitting it yesterday. We’ve been pushing a little snow around here and there, and pulled the donkey out leaving the shotgun down bar since that seemed to be what most people wanted to hit anyway. We build the wallride landing out a little for those that like to go off the end of it, and dug out the tranny a little to give it a little more. Gonna be busy building Stomp Games next week, then probably do one more rebuild on the big jump line. Looking forward to some spring weather hopefully in our future, but I guess we’ll take what we get. The cold and wind firmed things up quite a bit so beware of that, and have a fun and safe weekend.

The Park Crew

February 22, 2019

We’ve had a productive week in the parks with all the new snow we received. We ended up pulling some features and rebuilding a lot including the jumps in SouthPark. We also set a new combo feature above the park shack with an urban flat-down using t-bar towers, and the big tube with a side tranny. We’ve also set a culvert below the shack and a water tank bonk. Chair 2 mound is close to getting a takeoff, so expect that to be done early next week. With four feet of snow the week before, and three feet in basically a 24 hour period, we had to close the park for one day the Tuesday before last. With three feet of snow covering everything in the morning, we decided that we would need to dig out that night with our cats, which we did, and wait until the next morning to get everything opened back up. For those that were unable to find anything fun to do that day, and were disappointed that they couldn’t get their jib on, we sincerely apologize.

The Park Crew

February 16, 2019

Holy smokes what a week! We had to close the park for a day due to everything being buried overnight, but we got it dug out and rebuilt, and almost everything is back in good shape. We’re building Chair 2 Mound up to put a large jump on next week, and we set up a donkey to down shotgun where the big tube was in the Stomping Grounds. We pulled the first down box in SouthPark because it was too buried, but besides that, everything is in good working order. Should be a busy three-day weekend, so beware of your surroundings and watch out for the other guy. This weekend will be a good time to practice going slow in Slow Zones and around crowds. Be sure to check everything out before using it since it all changed a little with three feet of snow, and have a fun and safe weekend. Hopefully there’s still some powder out there.

The Park Crew

February 1, 2019

We’ve been waiting for snow to finish up some things like jump #2 and Chair 2 Mound. Looks like we may get it over the next couple of days. Fingers crossed the temps stay good tonight and tomorrow, but Sunday looks good too. Without much snow to work with this week, Cole got creative and started putting banked turns in some new and creative spots. Look for a continuation in SouthPark, and a couple more after the bottom rainbow to bring you to the left side of the bottom feature. There’s a lot of fun to be had in the parks right now with a little creativity, so pick out a line make it flow. Might be fairly busy this weekend with the new snow and College Daze, so keep your head on a swivel and if you’re using all the different tranny options in the parks, keep an eye out for the other guy and play safe. Hope you have a great weekend, and hopefully we have some powder turns soon.

The Park Crew

January 25, 2019

Hope you all got a little bit of fresh snow while it lasted, it went quick! We went ahead and used all of it that landed in the park to stack up our jump mounds. We got jumps 1 and 3 rebuilt a little bigger with plans to build number 3 and Chair 2 mound early next week. We’re still hitting rocks every time we push snow reminding us that we still don’t really have a lot, but things have shaped up nicely now that we have our winch cat back. South Park has been fun with the banked turns, it seems to be getting a ton of traffic. We also set up a couple of rainbow rails, a gap to slight down short rail, and a multi-use snowbow feature at the very bottom of the Stomping Grounds. Please be smart and check everything out before using it, we’re starting to build things a little bigger now with the snow we’ve been getting. Looks like some sunshine in our future with cold temps, so the conditions will likely firm up pretty quickly. Be safe out there and have a fun weekend.

The Stomping Grounds Crew

January 19, 2019

Things are shaping up, and we’re starting to get the parks filled up with features as we get a little bit of snow every now and then. This past week, we were able to set the wallride, two fuel tanks, a fourth jump in the Stomping Grounds, and a medium jump and tower in SouthPark. The snow’s pretty variable, so beware of that, and be sure to scope everything out before hitting it because it changes throughout the day every day. We have plans to change up quite a few things in the Stomping Grounds this week as well. And now with the winch cat we use back up and running, with the next rebuild on the large jump line, we’ll be able to steepen everything up a little which we’re all looking forward to. If you haven’t got your park pass yet, the quickest and easiest way to do that is to go to and to the park page; or you can always stop by the park shack and do it there. Have a great holiday weekend and be safe. Watch for other people, and always check out features before using them.

The Park Crew

January 11, 2019

What a wacky week of weather! 8” of snow, rain, wind, slush, more snow, more rain, hail, now sun. Makes for some interesting building and grooming conditions for sure. We’ve been rebuilding the large jumps all week and have them feeling good. We also built a couple more banked turns in SouthPark leading into a medium jump. Terrain Garden jumps got rebuilt last weekend and have held up well despite getting buried and rained on. We also changed the entrance into Somping Grounds to the other side of the upper shack to make it easier for people to get to from South Bowl, and to keep people from getting stuck when they get their park passes checked, which will start tomorrow 1/12, so come prepared. As always, you can get them easily online by clicking the right buttons, just allow a few days  for processing, or you can stop by the park shack at any time to watch the video and take the quiz. We’ve got some pretty fun plans for building next week; unfortunately we’ve been without  a winch all season which we usually use to farm snow from below the park and out of Holeshot, so everything takes a little more time and requires snow closer by whatever we’re working on. You may have noticed that we’ve changed up the layout significantly this season so it’s takes some adjustment from a building standpoint to dial everything in. Without a slopestyle to prepare for, we decided to really switch things up and it’s coming together, we hope you’ve enjoyed. It’ll be pretty firm out there with all the moisture in the snow, so take it easy and pay attention to your speed. Should keep getting smoother as we continue to groom each night. Enjoy and be safe, and don’t forget your sunscreen.

The Park Crew

January 4, 2019

Unfortunately, with a couple of cats that we kind of rely on being broken, including the winch that we use to farm snow, the going has been a little slower than usual. We did get some stuff set up in SouthPark though including a couple of banked turns leading into a down box, a flat-down box, a flat box, and a big tower. In the Stomping Grounds, we’ve been pushing on the large jump line. We still have the first jump that we’ve had for the past week, and now a hip on Chair 2 Mound, as well as a Euro gap to rainbow box on the bottom mound. We expect to put takeoffs on the large jump mounds Sunday or Monday night, and start filling the parks up with features over the next couple of weeks We’re still hitting dirt everywhere we farm snow so keep your fingers crossed for some more, today’s storm didn’t really deliver what we were hoping for, but we have enough to get a bunch more stuff set up next week. Have a great weekend, and hopefully there’ll be some powder turns to be had.

The Park Crew

December 29, 2018

With snow on the way and the week of night skiing nearly over, that means one thing to us in the park: Back to building. We’re always put on hold during this week while night skiing is going on, and with our snowcat having some issues of its own, we haven’t had a chance to add anything to the parks this week. That will change Tuesday night and expect to see new features in the Stomping Grounds as well as in SouthPark as the week progresses. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year, and we look forward to getting back to business. 

The park Crew

December 22, 2018

We moved some snow around this week, pretty much all our snow actually, and we’re getting close to a couple of jumps in the Stomping Grounds. Hopefully with four or five inches, we’ll have the landings dialed and be able to put takeoffs on. We also hope to get a few boxes set up for the holidays and then wait for the week of night skiing to finish up so we can get back to work. We’ll wait to start on SouthPark until after the holiday mainly due to time constraints, but we’ll get going in there right after New Years. Conditions have been interesting, but hopefully we’re into a more normal and colder cycle for a bit, with a little snow would be nice. We’ll also start up Park Passes soon after the holiday once we’re able to start in SouthPark and build some larger features in the Stomping Grounds. Have a great Christmas, and if you wished for jumps, we’ll do our best to deliver.

The Park Crew

December 14, 2018

Well things are starting to look up! We got quite a bit of snow over the week and have been working feverishly to get it pushed around where we need it. We’ve got some mounds started for a rail line on the left side of the Stomping Grounds which we plan to set up early next week. For now they will be fun to mess around on as they are, but we left all the jibs up other than the c-rail so there’s still some stuff to slide on. We set up the Terrain Garden on Wednesday night with the wide box and two small jumps. Gypsy is now opened up and groomed, as is the top of the park so please use that entrance instead of the side entrance. Nastar will be opening soon so the side entrance will no longer be accessible. We’re going to focus on the Stomping Grounds over the next week to get as much done as we can before night skiing starts and we’re kind of dead in the water as far as building goes for a week. We’ll get to SouthPark after that, but expect to have an assortment of medium to medium/large features in the Stomping Grounds by the end of next week. Conditions are really fun and the hazards are far fewer than a week ago, but still look ahead because not everything is filled in yet. Have fun out there; have a great Community Day; and watch out for the other guy, it should be a busy one!

The Park Crew

December 8, 2018

If you don’t like snow, what a great week! I guess for the rest of us, there’s always next week right? Despite the lack of snow, we did set up a couple more boxes in the Stomping Grounds park including a flat-down box and a slightly down box. The snowmaking crew made some snow for us on Musical Chairs last night; I’m planning to hopefully work off of that snow as a base and build with the new snow we’ll be getting next Tuesday – fingers crossed. Regardless, unless some drastic unforeseen obstacle gets in our way, we’ll have a Terrain Garden around the middle of next week. As for the Stomping Grounds and SouthPark, we’re about a foot of snow away from being able to do anything in SouthPark and a couple of feet from starting on big jumps in the Stomping Grounds. We’ll add stuff and change stuff around as we’re able to, and we’ll get something going in the way of jumps as soon as it’s possible. In the meantime, have fun on the eight features we do have up, and ask Santa for snow for Christmas. There’s still not enough snow to groom the top of the Stomping Grounds, so we’ll keep the road above the bottom of Nastar open until there’s enough snow for them to run their ropes. Obviously there are still a lot of sticks and stones to watch out for, although they get a little smaller as I grind them up every night, so take it easy and look ahead. See you out there, I’ll be the guy taking it easy and looking ahead.

Dan and the Park Crew

November 20, 2018

We packed up and moved out of the top of Musical Chairs yesterday and up to the Stomping Grounds. We were able to get six features set up including the two big towers, two t-bar towers, a C-rail, and a down box. Hopefully get some more going Monday night, we’ll see if we get any snow over the next couple of days. The run itself has a lot of obstacles including, but not limited to rocks, sticks, creeks, and ruts. Grooming was a bit rough with the wet snow and little of it, but it’ll at least get a little smoother, but dirtier as we groom more. I suspect conditions will be firm where I groomed last night, so take it slow and easy, and watch for the aforementioned hazards. There is a groomed way out of the top of the park through SouthPark, but it is one lane for a little ways at the top. You can also enter the Stomping Grounds from the road located on the right side of Midway above the bottom Nastar shack. Have fun out there, but play it safe, conditions are variable.

Dan and the Park Crew

November 21, 2018

Well, here we go! Thanks to the snowmakers leaving a pile of snow unattended at the top of Musical Chairs, we were able to get little rail garden set up for the weekend. We got a couple of towers, a mailbox, an urban down bar, and a down box set. Since Musical Chairs isn’t open, you’ll need to hike it, but it was the best spot we had with what little snow there is. Midway was a little too narrow to set anything up there, and hopefully this will help with congestion. Everything seems to be sliding well, and while the options are limited, we figure anything is better than nothing. Looks like we may get a little snow in the next few days; keep your fingers crossed. We’re still driving to the park in a truck, so we’ll need a good storm to move stuff up there. In the meantime, get up here and enjoy what we have, it’s better than sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Have a happy Thanksgiving, we’ll see you this weekend.

The Park Crew