Schweitzer's New Hotel 

Coming Fall/Winter 2021/22

In the spring of 2019, Schweitzer finalized plans and broke ground on an additional 30 unit boutique hotel in the village. “The Board of Directors was motivated to find a solution for our lack of accommodations on the mountain,” says Schweitzer CEO and President, Tom Chasse. “It’s challenging at best to find a room over weekends and holidays so the additional units will help ease that lodging crunch.” Schweitzer started the surveying process, relocation of utilities, and excavation of the underground parking in June of 2019 with a planned delivery for the 21/22 season. “Again, thanks to owning our own land, we can move forward with this project as quickly as permitting and financing allow.”

The as yet unnamed hotel is designed by the Portland based firm Skylab Architecture. “Drawing on the heritage of Schweitzer Basin, yet contemporary in its design, it will provide a perfect venue for guests to relax, play and revel in the natural beauty surrounding them,” says Jeff Kovel, Principal/Design Director at Skylab. “Guests will enjoy spaces that heighten their connection to the outdoors and the rich local history. The building will be a state of the art facility and feature heavy timber construction (CLT) but also reuse materials (like chairlift cables) from around the Resort.”

In concert with the development of the hotel, Schweitzer and Skylab have partnered with Dunn + Kiley, a master planning and landscape architecture firm that is internationally recognized for its expertise in the planning and design of mountain resorts. Dunn + Kiley will be instrumental in improving the landscape architecture surrounding the hotel and within the existing village. 

Hotel Details

The 31-unit, 66,580 sf, hotel complex will interpret familiar forms and bring them forward through a mix of contemporary materials. The result will be a ski-in, ski-out hotel that will provide essential arrival services and on-slope accommodations to reframe Schweitzer as a year-round destination for the 21st century.

The new Schweitzer hotel and restaurant will anchor the Schweitzer village. The hotel design takes advantage of the steep construction site by nestling into a notch cut into the slope creating space for a sheltered parking garage. The exterior of the hotel is expressed through board formed concrete, exposed wood structure, metal panels, and large expanses of glass. Structural elements are exposed and highlighted to enhance the sense of enclosure and warmth inside the lodge. The palette draws upon the architectural heritage of the Schweitzer basin. 

Guests will arrive at the hotel via an upper-level lobby and welcome center or through the below-ground parking area. Once inside the building, the interiors draw inspiration from classic ski equipment and bright ski suits of the 20th century. The primary gathering spaces, oriented toward Schweitzer mountain, will feature cross laminated timber ( CLT ) roof panels supported by glulam beams and columns. 

CLT construction was selected for its inherent beauty, sustainability, structural properties, connecting with the history of mountain architecture. This approach to articulating the structure will also be employed for the dining area and ski locker warming hut.

Skiers can seek refuge from the slopes in the 50-seat restaurant or in the bar and lounge areas.

 Guest rooms are arranged over three floors offering views of nearby Lake Pend Oreille. Balancing the hotel at the opposite end will be the hotel’s “living room,” a place for guests and families to relax and play games.


Hotel Room Interiors 

Check back here for more updates as the project progresses.

Updated January 16, 2021