Don't let broken gear get you down!

The folks at Schweitzer's repair shop can have you back on the mountain in a flash! The repair shop is located in the The Mill Building adjacent to the rental shop in The Source. Check out the new infrared technology for a longer lasting wax. 


Rub on Wax    $8.00
Hot Wax    $15.00

Equipment Tuning

Quick Tune (edge sharpen + temperature specific Podium wax)    $25.00
Quick Tune Plus (Quick Tune + quick base grind)    $30.00
Full Tune (Quick Tune Plus + flat base grind and stone grind)    $45.00
Full Tune w/ Minor P-Tex     $55.00
Full Tune Plus  (Full Tune with all P-Tex + Diamond edge finish)    $65.00

Skis and Snowboards Binding Adjustments 

(ASTM binding function test)    $15.00    $3 minimum
Mounts & Remounts    $50.00    $6 minimum

Misc Repair

Base Weld    $10.00 minimum
Edge Repair    $25.00 minimum
Epoxy Work    $20.00 minimum
Helicoil    $7.00 each
Pole Cut    $5.00 per pole
Labor    $3 minimum or $40/hr

Parts & Supplies

Nuts, Bolts & Washers    $0.75 ea

Prices do not include 6% Idaho State Sales Tax & 1% SMCA Tax