In order to keep the good times rolling for all our RV guests, we ask that everyone adhere to the following policies:

Summer 2020 Schweitzer Mountain RV Camping Policy

  • RV camping is located at the north end of the Gateway parking lot only (outer edges).  Please take direction for parking from security staff when on duty.
  • There are no hookup services available and RV must be self-contained.
  • No tent camping is permitted on Schweitzer property.
  • Trailers must un-hitch.
  • Stays may not exceed a maximum of 3 consecutive nights.  Requests for longer stays can be directed to the security staff.
  • Plan your arrival & departure times for early AM or late PM as access & egress are limited by day parking in the lot.
  • RVs and accompanying vehicles may be asked to move.  If requested to move, please comply.
  • $20 per night permit fee is required during Schweitzer’s summer events.  Please check the events calendar for a full listing and specific details about events. 
  • Please have RV permit clearly visible in driver’s side front window, while parking the RV during summer event weekends at Schweitzer.
  • Winter RV Parking Season Passes are not valid during summer events.
  • Open fires must be off the ground, contained and manned at all times.  Some restrictions may apply. For current fire restrictions please refer to
  • Site clean-up is the responsibility of the RV guest.  Please haul off the mountain, and do not empty waste tanks or grey water onto the ground.
  • RV must be occupied each night.
  • All pets must be on a leash while on premises.
  • No unauthorized vehicles are allowed on Schweitzer Mountain roads or trail (Examples: ATVs).

    RV guest agrees and acknowledges that Schweitzer is not responsible for any damage to vehicles parked in any Schweitzer parking area, or for towing fees if RV must be moved.  Schweitzer reserves the right to cancel a permit without a refund due to any violation of area policy or violation of any Federal, State, or local laws while on Schweitzer property.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Summer Activity Center or Security.