Go Biking All Year Long

When the snow is firm and you're ready to switch gears - it's time to try  fat tire snow biking! Whether you are looking to stay in cycling shape all winter or just want to cruise through the forest, there's no better way than to head out on to our Nordic trail system. With over 32 kilometers of trail, a variety of terrain and amazing views, it's a great way to spend an hour or a day. Before you head out be sure to check our snowbike policies below. 

Don’t have a snow bike? We have a fleet of snow bikes available to rent at the Ski & Ride Center.  

  • Fat tire snow bikes are allowed on the Nordic trail system only (no lift access and not allowed on downhill trails). 
  • A trail fee and ticket is required and can be purchased at the Ski & Ride Center.  Nordic Season Passes are also available for purchase and offer you unlimited usage of the Nordic trail system. 
  • Our Nordic trails are open daily (conditions permitting) from 9am to 4pm throughout the winter season.
  • All snowbikers, regardless if you rent a bike from Schweitzer or bring your own bike, must fill out a release form at the Ski & Ride Center before heading out on the trails. (Once a season is all we need!)

Trail Passes are required and will be available for sale online during the winter season. 


  • "GREEN”  snowbike status:  snowbikes are welcome to ride on all Nordic trails. 
  • "RED" snowbike status: snowbikes are limited to one loop in an effort to help maintain the surface condition of the trails when soft snow conditions exist.  “RED” snowbike status means bikes can ONLY travel on Lower Grr Trail and Lower Overland Trail. Trail Map for “RED” snowbike status. 

Red and Green Status Updates can be found on the snow report page. Signs will also be posted on the trailhead near the yurt and at the intersection of Lower Grr and Overland. Snowbike status can change throughout the day as snow conditions change. The Nordic trails are multi-use trails and we support both Nordic skiers and snowbikers.  We ask that all trail users show respect for the guidelines and for each other! 

Your Responsibilities

  • All riders need to check in at the Ski and Ride Center to receive a bike trail pass that confirms they have read and understand the protocol.
  • Purpose built snow bikes only. Both tires must be wider than 3.7” and tire pressure must be less than 10 psi, no exceptions!
  • Bikes yield to all other users. Stay to the right side of the trail at all times, stay out of the classic ski track and give skaters a wide berth.
  • Please stay off trail when there is more than 3” of new snow. If you are leaving a rut deeper than an inch, having a hard time riding in a straight line, or pushing your bike, the snow is too soft and you absolutely should not be biking on the trail.
  • There are elements of risk in snowbiking that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.
  • Maintain control of your speed and direction at all times
  • No jumping 
  • Ride in a manner that does not endanger others 
  • Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible by others
  • Obey all signs and posted warnings 
  • Keep off closed trails 
  • Report all accidents 
  • Watch for unmarked obstacles 
  • Be safety conscious 
  • Dress appropriately for outdoor activity
  • Trail Courtesy 
  • Keep to your right upon meeting an oncoming skier 
  • Fill your sitzmarks 
  • Pack out garbage 
  • No foot traffic on ski trails 
  • Please respect the classic tracks set by the groomers
  • Nordic Trail Dog Policy
  • Dogs are not allowed on any nordic trails. Schweitzer loves dogs, but for your dogs’ safety we ask you to respect the rules of the trail.  

To learn more about snowbiking at Schweitzer contact Schweitzer Ski and Ride Center at 208.255.3070