Lakeview Seasonal Lockers

2022/23 Waitlist for Lakeview Seasonal Lockers.;

Thank you for joining the 2022/23 Schweitzer Seasonal Locker waitlist.  The Seasonal Lockers are located on the lower level of the Lakeview Lodge. 

8/24/2022 UPDATE - Interest in our seasonal lockers has been very high this summer. As we get closer to Fall and the release of the lockers, please realize that interest in lockers has now outpaced the number of lockers available. You are welcome to sign up to be on the waitlist, but please realize that not everyone on the list will get a locker. Thank you.

Due to the limited number of lockers available, un-renewed lockers will not be distributed till after the October 31st, 2022 pass deadline.  Please enter your name, phone number and email address below to placed on the waitlist.  You will be contacted by Guest Services in early November to let you know if you will be getting a locker for the 2022/23 Winter Season Passes.  The rate you will pay is based on the date you signed up for the wait list.

Schweitzer Mountain Seasonal Locker Policy 

Please contact Schweitzer Mountain Guest Services for any questions or additional information at 208.263.9555, ext 1246.