Group Sales

We're here to make sure your group has a great experience at Schweitzer.

Come by "The Cirque" located in the White Pine Lodge to visit Schweitzer's Group Sales Specialists.  If you have a group related question, they'll have the answer.

Matt D. Hofmann, Senior Sales Manager

Being around mountains and water has become an absolute for my family and me. Time spent in Colorado, yet being from Michigan originally, has set the stage for a dual love of elevation and the need for water. Being able to combine both of these passions in such a wonderful setting like Sandpoint is surreal. 

At work or play, Schweitzer always makes you feel like you’re surrounded by family! If you’re looking for blissful memories, heartfelt smiles, and legitimate good times; Schweitzer is the place for you! With our beautiful mountain backdrop, Schweitzer becomes the perfect setting for your group to come and enjoy life.

As Senior Sales Manager, I am here to help organize and plan the details of your stay. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, joining us as a ski club, hosting a church retreat, or reuniting your family for a week of fun, Schweitzer Mountain Resort has something unique and memorable to offer your group.

Matt Hofmann: 208.263.9555 x 2819

Kim Sorensen, Group Sales Specialist

Born and raised in the Midwest, but always inspired and intrigued with majestic mountains and large bodies of water, I knew I had found my destiny the first time I crossed the Long Bridge!  What an ideal location, surrounded by 3 mountain ranges, beautiful Lake Pend Oreille and the largest and best ski area in Idaho!  The perfect place to connect and play with family and friends creating a lifetime of lasting memories!

I have been in sales leadership the majority of my adult life, traveling throughout the USA and abroad with a major focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.  I truly believe in the work philosophy “Love what you do” and I am excited to bring my experience to the mountain, working with the Group Sales Team.  I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience Schweitzer Mountain Resort in various capacities: as a corporate customer, from a family perspective (2 engagements, 2 weddings) and as a 3rd party vendor which gives me insight to the passionate, caring culture that Schweitzer lives by!   

Having the opportunity to promote and share the wonders of Schweitzer Mountain Resort is a dream come true!  I look forward to meeting great people, building lasting relationships while helping them create their own memories for years to come!   

Kim Sorenson: 208-263-9555

Katie Turner, Fulfillment Specialist

Originally from the Midwest, I spent my college years at the University of Hawaii studying ecology, development, and anthropology. Besides hiking coastlines and swimming in the ocean, I was actively involved in the community. I volunteered as a sea turtle scientist, took part in Hawaiian archaeology, as well as coordinated regional conferences, music and arts festivals, and networking events.

Post-graduation I sold my possessions to work aboard a private yacht touring the East Coast of the US and the Caribbean. After gaining my sea legs, I jumped ship and had my first taste of a winter mountain season in Telluride, Colorado. With love at first snowflake, I began a quest to find a mountain which combined a small town feel with vast terrain and access to water. It was by luck I found Schweitzer and, wow, am I thankful! Schweitzer is a gem and the pure essence of a ski mountain. I am currently exploring my interests in mountain biking, rock climbing, and music.

As Schweitzer's Group Fulfillment Coordinator, I am excited to use my eye for detail &  knack for organization to bring your group together for an exceptional experience at the mountain!

I look forward to meeting you!

Katie Turner: 208-263-9555 ext. 2817