Group Sales

We're here to make sure your group has a great experience at Schweitzer.

Come by "The Cirque" located in the White Pine Lodge to visit Schweitzer's Group Sales Specialists.  If you have a group related question, they'll have the answer.

Kim Sorensen, Senior Sales Manager

Born and raised in the Midwest, but always inspired and intrigued with majestic mountains and large bodies of water, I knew I had found my destiny the first time I crossed the Long Bridge!  What an ideal location, surrounded by 3 mountain ranges, beautiful Lake Pend Oreille and the largest and best ski area in Idaho!  The perfect place to connect and play with family and friends creating a lifetime of lasting memories!

I have been in sales leadership the majority of my adult life, traveling throughout the USA and abroad with a major focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.  I truly believe in the work philosophy “Love what you do” and I am excited to bring my experience to the mountain, working with the Group Sales Team.  I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience Schweitzer Mountain Resort in various capacities: as a corporate customer, from a family perspective (2 engagements, 2 weddings) and as a 3rd party vendor which gives me insight to the passionate, caring culture that Schweitzer lives by!   

Having the opportunity to promote and share the wonders of Schweitzer Mountain Resort is a dream come true!  I look forward to meeting great people, building lasting relationships while helping them create their own memories for years to come!   

Kim Sorensen: 208.254.4010, ext 2819

Cassandra Koszarek, Group Sales Specialist

I’ve been playing on mountains and sailing coastlines with my family my whole life, so it was a natural step for me to begin a career bringing people together to enjoy outdoor adventures and gorgeous surroundings. I started working with mountain-bound groups of all kinds in the Southern Rockies of New Mexico, and I found myself naturally drawn to the romance and joy of wedding events in particular. Before I knew it, I became enthralled with the opportunity to welcome couples into the heart of the mountains for their perfect day so I became a wedding specialist.

I had never been to Idaho before deciding to move here as a new member of the Schweitzer team, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to be near the water as well as on the mountain. It didn’t take much effort to convince my fiancé to start a new adventure with me. We packed our things and prepared for a long road trip with our big fluffy cat in tow. The journey proved to be absolutely stunning, and we were beyond excited when we arrived to the lakeshore and mountain foothills. 

I started immediately at Schweitzer as a member of the Cirque team; I couldn’t have asked for a better way to begin exploring my new home. The entire mountain is brimming with activity, and the community couldn’t be friendlier. I love that I have the chance to bring the beauty of Schweitzer and the surrounding region to groups of people that enjoy the outdoors. 

See you on the mountain!

Cassandra Koszarek: 208.254.4010, ext 2818

Julie Kelly, Group Sales Specialist

As a marketing and business development manager for many years, I developed and executed high-profile events for the luxury retail market.  Turning inspiration and grand ideas into successful ventures while attending to every detail has been my passion as an event promoter. A few years ago, my husband and I decided to take a vacation to the mountains of north Idaho and decided to find a way to call Sandpoint home.  Having grown up between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the rugged coastline of northern California, I spent my childhood playing in the winter snow and swimming in the coastal waters of summer.  We now truly have it all in one place living in the Inland Northwest.  

I started my career at Schweitzer Mountain Resort working in the owner services department catering to the needs of our property owners.  Now, as part of the group sales team, I’m excited to help businesses and organizations transform their conference or event aspirations into reality. 

From early on I was drawn to the beauty and serenity of the mountain and all it has to offer – from snow sports to cultural events to the allure of our alpine trail system.  With Schweitzer and Sandpoint as your backdrop, we have the resources to turn your organization’s next event into a resounding success!

Julie Kelly: 08.254.4010, ext 2822