Snow. Environment. Community.

Schweitzer Mountain acknowledges that the environment is one of our greatest resources and commits to being mindful of such. We aspire to be good stewards of the land and foster a sustainable future as we continue to grow our business. We operate in a precious environment that is potentially impacted by various threats including pollution, climate change, and development. We hereby commit to increase efforts to protect our mountain, our livelihood and the region we live in by exploring and implementing reasonable sustainable practices.

Logo: Do you have a sec? for the love of snow, the environment, for our community. Schweitzer taking steps toward sustainability.

It Starts with a SEC 

The health of our planet.  The future of snow.  The strength of our community. 

We know change is hard.  We know it takes time.  We know it takes effort.  But at the end of the day, we know it's important. Schweitzer is upping its game, doubling down and taking steps toward sustainability.  Change won't happen overnight, but it starts with the first step, the first second.  

  • For the love of the Snow
  • For the love of the Environment
  • For the love of our Community

To make real change, we need help.  So all we ask is, Do You Have a SEC?

  • To pick up some trash?
  • To recycle that can?
  • To bring a coffee cup to work?
  • To separate your compost?
  • To take the shuttle?
  • To start the change?

It starts with a SEC.

Schweitzer's Current Steps

Sustainable Slopes

Schweitzer is proud to have signed on with NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes program. This program provides an outline for both our company and our guests to help combat adverse impacts to our environment. Schweitzer is pleased to be an endorser of this program and we encourage our guests to take part as well.  

Sustainable Slopes awarded 2020 badge for  Climate Action   Schweitzer's Certificate for Climate Advocacy. 

Climate Challenge

In addition to endorsing NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes program, Schweitzer has also recently joined the Climate Challenge. Through this program, Schweitzer commits to taking actions that will target and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Resource Synergy

Schweitzer is excited to be partnered with a Spokane based consultant business, Resource Synergy. This team’s job is to assist Schweitzer in identifying and implementing opportunities to reduce energy consumption and waste generation, while following the Sustainable Slopes guidelines. 

Accomplished So Far

We have only just begun our sustainability journey and will continue to build momentum. Since the inception of our efforts toward a more environmentally friendly business, we have accomplished the following:

Awarded NSAA Sustainable Slopes Grant 

Schweitzer is scheduled to receive a sum of grant money towards replacing the distribution of single use shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap with bulk dispensers in our lodging. We have conservatively estimated that dispensers would eliminate 14,400 bottles annually ending up in landfill.

Implemented a sustainability committee to identify strategic actions 

A small group of passionate Schweitzer employees have joined together to spearhead our efforts toward a more sustainable business. While it takes a greater team to implement, these individuals are responsible for making sure Schweitzer stays on task.

Installed water bottle filling station 

In its first winter, there were over 10,000 bottles filled. The first station is located on the main level of the Lakeview Lodge. Keep your eyes open around the resort as we seek to install even more!

Implemented Sustainability Challenge with departments

Many departments and their employees challenged themselves to do their part. Some followed a challenge outline in which they tracked items such as their ridesharing, bringing their own utensils and recycling. Other departments were creative and came up with their own ways to reduce our negative environmental impacts.

Turned to using rechargeable batteries in all soap and paper towel dispensers to reduce waste

Our custodial department recognized the number of batteries being put into a landfill and proactively implemented their own solution.

Steps Taken

While we have a long way to go, you may not have realized that Schweitzer already puts much effort into sustainable practices. Our first priority was to inventory practices we have already employed. As we forge ahead with new projects, Schweitzer intends to continue these systems and work to strengthen them.

  • Schweitzer purchases power from Northern Lights which is supplied by Bonneville Power Administration. “BPA provides about 28 percent of the electric power used in the Northwest and its resources — primarily hydroelectric — make BPA power nearly carbon free.” BPA was recently found to be one of the cleanest sources of power in the nation according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • REC (renewable energy credits) purchased in partnership with Northern Lights
  • Investment in Northern Lights “solar farm”
  • Using many compostable items such as napkins and paper plates by Earthchoice
  • Measure idle time on groomers and work within a set allowable time limit
  • LED lighting on night skiing lights.
  • Use recycled oil for heating the vehicle maintenance shop
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Tesla charging station
  • Free transportation to 60,000 people who ride the buses each winter
  • Cooperation with SPOT bus extends bus service and reduces use of cars
  • Snow making using top of the line equipment - much of it gravity fed
  • Wastewater is treated in an environmentally friendly system vs a point discharge
  • Official endorser of Carbon Dividend Act (house bill 763)
  • Endorsed the NSAA “Environmental Charter”
  • Donate used uniforms
  • Interpretive signs to foster an understanding and a connection to our place
  • Upgrades to recycling program

Future Steps

We recognize that Schweitzer needs to make further efforts to reduce the impact of environmental threats. Further, Schweitzer agrees to explore these areas in an effort to extend our reach:

  • Move toward LED lighting in all areas of operation
  • Explore options to reduce the use of electricity throughout our operation
  • Inspire our employees and guests to use better practices
  • Move to more electronic systems therefore reducing paper waste
  • Explore alternatives for products we cannot recycle

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not." - The Lorax

Continue to check in with us as projects and plans take shape. ​If you need any more information about any of these projects, please feel free to contact us at