Crow's Bench

Full Bar & Dining


In the 1890s, this area was pretty rough ‘n tumble. In nearby Hope, life was typical of the Old West. Across from the saloons lining Main Street was “the Crow’s Bench” — a row of benches that gave folks a place to talk and look out over the railroad and lake below. Drinking, rough talk and fighting were commonplace. But we like to think the Crow’s Bench also provided hardworking souls with a much-needed place to get together and have a good time. 

This inspiration reminds us of yester-yore, but now here we are! Snow-covered friends and families, sitting and sipping beverages while swapping tall tales of deep snow and blower pow. Or perhaps you are a group of sun-kissed hikers, fingers stained purple after a summer day picking huckleberries, now hungry for a good meal. Sit, laugh, and savor the moment. Find yourselves ensconced, like crows on a bench, cawing about your adventures.




Crow's Bench is open Daily 11:00am-7:00pm 
Reservations are recommended and can only be accommodated for up to 8 guests. Please call 208.255.3051 to book your table. 




Updated September 15, 2023
Menu subject to change.