Schweitzer's Terrain Parks

Jump and Jib Your Heart Out

Stomping Grounds

Easily accessed off the Basin Express, The Stomping Grounds Terrain Park is Schweitzer’s signature park which hosts a variety of medium and large jump and jib features. For 2022-23, we will no longer require a park pass to enter the Stomping Grounds; but we still expect you to be Park Smart and to follow the Smart Style code of conduct and the Skier Responsibility Code. We will be incorporating more medium-sized features into the Stomping Grounds this season to accommodate a broader range of users, and to allow more opportunity for our park riders to work their way up.

Southside Progression Park

For the 2022-23 season, we are mixing things up. Due to the demand for rider-x and flow style features, we will be utilizing the space in South Park to offer that. Our plan is to provide a space where there are no limitations to how the features can be used, and where mom and dad can have just as much fun as the kids. We will be building more medium sized features in the Stomping Grounds, and more small features in our revamped, relocated Terrain Garden to provide what has been so popular in South Park over the years in a more centralized, easier to access location near the bottom of Midway.

Terrain Garden

The Terrain Garden for 2022-23 will be located near the bottom of Midway on the skier’s right just above the main Stomping Grounds exit. This location has been unutilized in the past, and we think that it will be a great location to put small jump and jib features. It can be accessed off of Midway, or from South Park and the Stomping Grounds by taking the upper exit above the bottom shack. We’re hoping to reduce traffic on Gypsy, and to provide more space for small features on a low angle pitch. 

Musical Chairs

We will continue to build the mounds on Musical Chairs below the zipline that have become so popular amongst instructors and beginners over the past two seasons. They offer a space to learn edge and speed control, as well as have fun just going over some rollers. Please be aware and be respectful of the little ones in this area, it is built with them in mind.

Looking for more information on park etiquette, safety and terrain park tips? Check out

Park Smart Terrain Park Safety


START SMALL - Work your way up. Build your skills.

MAKE A PLAN - Every feature. Every time.

ALWAYS LOOK - Before you drop.

RESPECT - The features and other users.

TAKE IT EASY - Know your limits. Land on your feet.