Classes at Cambium

Drop into mind, body and spirit with a class at Cambium. Whether you're trying to rev up for a day on the mountain or tap into mindful intention, we invite you to Cambium's Community Room for an intimate practice complete guided by a certified instructor. Class sizes are limited to 10 participants, so please call ahead 208-255-3074 to reserve your space.

Class Schedule Coming Soon!


$35 for single class drop-in (includes mat and prop rental)

Spaces are limited to 10 participants. Please call ahead 208-255-3074 to reserve your space.

Class Descriptions

  • Flow Yoga: A class for all levels that focuses on core strength, playful posture combinations and links breath with movement. We will move dynamically through positions to encourage improvements in strength, stability, and balance.
  • Vinyasa Flow: A more vigorous prac􀆟ce which also incorporates dynamic transi􀆟ons and deep breathing. The posi􀆟ons are smoothly transitioned in sync with your breath. In this class you will develop strength and invigorate your cardiovascular system.
  • Yin Yoga: A relaxing yoga practice that holds floor yoga postures for 3-10 minutes. 6-8 poses are performed in the hour. Yin yoga focuses on flexibility and relaxation, focuses on connective tissues, brings harmony to your body and mind, and is for all ability levels.
  • Meditation: This class begins with a short guided meditation followed by a series of seated and standing movements that facilitate connection to the body through the breath with a focus on finding joy in your body. Some deep stretching and restoration are incorporated into this playful class that will warm up your muscles and joints for a great day on the mountain.
  • Functional Breathing:  Functional breathing, using the primary muscles and secondary muscles appropriately, can prevent/reduce neck & shoulder tightness, back pain, incontinence, hernia and reduce stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Functional breathing enhances digestion, lymphatic flow, and stimulates the vagus nerve. The repercussions of a dysfunctional breathing pattern are even more pronounced in people with very active lifestyles, as we breathe forcefully during exertion. Come learn about the spectrum of breathing as we progress through a series of poses and exercises to improve thoracic mobility and encourage our nervous systems to approach breathing in a functional way.