A New Partnership to Help Keep You Safe

As part of our ongoing effort to educate and promote safety at Schweitzer, we've partnered with AirFlare which transforms your mobile phone into a safety and rescue beacon. AirFlare enables Schweitzer Ski Patrol to quickly locate a skier or snowboarder in need of assistance, whether in or out of cell coverage. AirFlare also provides a number of self-help features, for example, the ability to determine the exact location of a friend or family member with a single push of a button, and to quickly navigate to them.  While this app is a great tool to use while skiing or riding at Schweitzer, it should not be considered a replacement of an avalanche transceiver.

As part of our AirFlare partnership, Schweitzer guests are invited to try the app free for 6 months, then pay just $4.99 for the year.

Below are some of the benefits of using the AirFlare app on your phone:

  • PEACE OF MIND: Getting “lost” in the wilderness is what some of us live for, but if you ever need to be found, you can be invisible to a search team just a few feet off the trail. AirFlare is discoverable far beyond the range of sight and sound.
  • A BETTER WAY TO BE FOUND: For Search and Rescue teams, AirFlare Search Technology provides multiple mechanisms to help locate a Lost Adventurer via their mobile phone. On-grid features like Location Caching and Location Return can identify a Lost Adventurer’s GPS coordinates before a ground team is even deployed. Off-grid features like AirFlare User Detection and Location Capture alert that the subject is in the vicinity, and guide searchers to the exact location.  AirFlare Search Technology reduces cost and risk to personnel while offering a quantum leap in search speed and success.
  • AFFORDABLE: AirFlare provides an extra level of safety and security for your outdoor adventures for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month.
  • HANDS-OFF PROTECTION: When accidents happen, you can’t always rely on being able to signal for help. You don’t need to remember to turn on AirFlare before you head out, and no user action is required to be discoverable by a search team looking for you.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: AirFlare guides you to configure your phone for the wilderness, ensuring protection for a week or longer.
  • SECURE: Your privacy is paramount. Your profile is only accessible and your location only discoverable if you become the subject of a search. You are immediately notified via multiple means if this ever occurs.