Mountain Xplorers

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Multi-Day Program for Ages 5 - 12

Mountain Xplorers is a flexible, multi-week program recommended for kids, 5 - 12 years old, who are skiing mostly parallel on easy blue runs and have advanced beyond green terrain most of the time. The program includes coaching, a season pass, public race course privileges, and gear check. Sessions are available weekends and Holidays starting December 17, 2022 and ending March 26, 2023. 

Mountain Xplorer coaches are specially selected for their knowledge and enthusiasm for coaching kids! Your child will ski with a similar pool of coaches and kids each time, giving them more consistency with each lesson. This program is an opportunity for your child to experience the whole mountain environment! Prepare to Xplore! 

Purchased a lesson program already? Make sure to complete the  online registration form for your child or children before the program starts in January! Thank you! 

Mountain Xplorers Pricing - Winter 2022/23 


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May 31, 2022

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Oct 31, 2022

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Nov 1, 2022 and after

5 - 6 years old


7 - 12 years old










Morning Session 9:00am - 11:030pm / Afternoon Session 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Valid every weekend from 12/17/22 - 3/26/23; plus the Christmas Holiday until 12/30/22, MLK Jr. Day, and President’s Day.

Mountain Xplorers Levels:

When purchasing your Mountain Xplorers Program for your child, you will be ask to identify their current ability level. Please use the following for reference:


  • Skis parallel across the fall line on green and easy blue runs

  • Stops by turning the skis across the hill

  • Skis over small bumps and rollers

  • Walks up a small hill with skis on

  • Able to follow directions and stay with the group

  • Will ski 2.5 hours without a break



  • Skis Parallel across the fall line on challenging blues

  • Can ski backwards on a gentle slope

  • Is ready to explore new areas off piste

  • Can vary turn size and shape to control speed on blue runs

  • Able to side slip on both sides

  • Follows directions and stay with the group

  • Will ski 2.5 hours without a break



  • Skis are parallel all the time on blue runs and across the fall line on easy black runs

  • Flexes and extends over jumps and bumps

  • Excited to ski off piste

  • Varies turn size and shape to maintain speed on blue runs

  • Uses uphill edges when skiing

  • Able to direct pressure to the outside ski

  • Manages ski rotation using the legs 

  • Can follow directions and stay with the group



  • Skis parallel on all black runs

  • Identifies good routes on steeper terrain

  • Safely navigates trees and other potential hazards

  • Controls rotation using the legs and feet separate from the upper body

  • Working on proper pole use

  • Maintains a balanced and forward stance on most terrain

  • Uses appropriate flexion and extension while going over bumps and jumps

  • Uses inclination and angulation to control edge angles (uses inside edges)

  •  Can follow directions and stay with the group


  • Skis the fall line (no traverse)

  • Maintains a balanced stance while directing pressure along the length of the skis

  • Uses turn size and shape to control speed on all terrain

  • Control the skis rotation with leg rotation, separate from the upper body

  • Knows how to use poles safely

  • Excited to explore the most challenging terrain on the mountain

  • Understands and demonstrates safety on expert terrain - including the buddy system

  • Has a team attitude that promotes physical and emotional safety



For more information please call us at 208.263.9555, ext 1246.