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January 24, 2024 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us on January 24 at the Panida Theater in Sandpoint for a special, free screening of The Paradise Paradox — a groundbreaking film that explores the mental health crisis affecting America’s mountain towns and the innovative solutions being developed in response. The ultimate goal is to not only raise awareness but to inspire actionable change, driving both local and national stakeholders to conceive, collaborate, and implement creative and effective solutions to the mental health challenges unveiled in the film.


  • 4:30pm - Doors open, resource table talk
  • 5:30pm - Screening begins
  • 6:30pm - Panel discussion and Q&A 

Cost - FREE

Resource tables will be available with the following organizations represented:

  • NAMI Far North
  • Ethan Murray Fund
  • Kaniksu Community Health
  • Bonner General Health
  • Sandpoint Psychotherapy & Associates
  • North Idaho Neurotherapy

Panelists are as follows:

  • Dr. Joe Wassif - Following his graduation from the University of Georgia, Dr. Wassif first entered the field of mental health as a wilderness therapist.  Finding value and health through natural surroundings has continued to impact his therapeutic approach, personal values, and lifestyle.  He eventually advanced his career and became a licensed psychologist in 2014, having completed his doctorate at West Virginia University and dissertation on the concept of posttraumatic growth.  Dr. Wassif moved to Sandpoint in 2015 and began working at Bonner General Behavioral Health six years ago introducing neuropsychological evaluations to the community.  In 2020, Dr. Wassif completed a post-doctorate Master’s in Psychopharmacology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and became one of Idaho's first prescribing psychologists.  In February of 2024, he will assume the role of Director of Psychiatry at Kaniksu Community Health.  
  • Andrea Radford - Andrea Radford, began working in the ski industry while simultaneously earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology in California. Her love for skiing evolved into becoming a ski instructor and eventually working in leadership roles for ski school teams at Snow Summmit and Northstar in California as well as Sun Valley. Currently, she is a level 3 ski instructor at Schweitzer, as well as a case manager and targeted service coordinator for Sandpoint Psychotherapy.  Having been in the ski business for 43 years, Andrea understands the challenges living and working in the resort community. 
  • Jill Hicks - Jill Hicks, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and the Clinical Director for Bonner Behavioral Health.  Jill is a registered supervisor for the state of Idaho with over twenty four years of experience as a part of the North Idaho Children & Community therapy team.  Jill specializes in young children, elementary aged children and adolescents. Jill has worked in a variety of settings, within the school system, residential setting, child protection setting, and agency setting. Jill has extensive training in trauma, abuse, and sexual abuse: specifically she is an EMDR level II registered therapist and consultant, Trauma Focused CBT specialist, Integrative Therapy specialist . Jill also conducts training for other professionals, organizations, and children and families on various topics including: trauma and attachment, co-parenting, parenting children with trauma. 
  • Michelle Jackson - Michele Jackson has been a mental healthcare patient in Sandpoint for 9 years, and is in recovery from Bi Polar 1 disorder, significant concussive brain injuries, trauma and alcoholism. She is a successful participant of The Tim Project at North Idaho Neurotherapy.
  • Rio Peterson - Rio Peterson began chasing the Rocky Mountain high in 2015, working as a travel nurse in mountain town resort communities. In 2018 he sustained a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia while skiing what was then called Squaw Valley. Soon after this accident his passion for being a healthcare provider led him to graduate school to become a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. His decision to specialize in mental health was based on his personal struggles at the time and his insight to the mental health challenges and access to care in mountain towns. Most recently, Rio has gone on to co-found and provide psychiatry services at Regenerize, a virtual integrative medicine practice based here in Sandpoint. He combines functional medicine techniques with conventional psychiatry to provide holistic care. Rio is also a HighFives Athlete. The HighFives Foundation is focused on preventing life-changing injuries and provide resources and hope if they do happen. HighFives Foundation is in partnership with Alterra Mountain Company and Ikon Pass
  • Dave Ramsay - Dave Ramsey started in EMS and the fire department in 1998 and has been a Paramedic since 2001. He has travelled extensively, working with prehospital providers in 45 States and 4 countries. Dave has been with Bonner County EMS since 2012 as a lieutenant paramedic and wilderness response paramedic