KinderKamp Lessons

Play Time, Ski Time

Part ski camp, part adventure camp, the  Children's Center offers an all day interactive experience for kids between 4 - 6 years old. Our team of professional instructors combine ski lessons with a timely, indoor recreation break where the kids get to play, create art, and relax in our licensed daycare. It's a great way for parents to enjoy the mountain safe in knowing that everyone is having fun!  

KinderKamp Pricing for Winter 2022/23

* $180 Full-day: Includes two lessons, all day flexible childcare, two snacks and lunch. 

* $135 Half-Day: 4 hours total, includes one group lesson, childcare outside of lesson time, and lunch/snacks (if applicable.)

Reservations are required. Private lesson pickup is available with daycare options for children of all ages. 

Group lesson times vary depending on ability level and are available until the end of March (weather permitting)

Ski rentals are available at the Children's Center so please arrive early to get all set.

For more information about the Children's Center daycare programs, please CLICK HERE .  

To contact the Children's Center, please call 208.263.9555 x2271 or email .