June 19, 2018

New Hosted Ebike Trail Tours at
Schweitzer This Summer

2-Hour Tours Available Starting In July

Sandpoint, ID (June 19, 2018) – Schweitzer Mountain Resort is pleased to announce that it will be adding daily hosted ebike trail tours to their summer offerings this year. “Ebikes are basically bicycles with a battery so you can get a little extra help in spots that you might need it,” says Dani Demmons, the resort’s activities manager. “They are a blast to ride and we are really excited to have this amenity available for our guests.” The ebikes Schweitzer will use are built by Rad Power Bikes and designed to be high-performing, easy, and safe to operate.

The hosted tours will depart from the village and explore a 10-12 mile loop over a 2 hour period. “These bikes will offer a great opportunity for novice mountain bikers to explore some beautiful areas around Schweitzer and learn about the flora and fauna of the region at the same time,” adds Demmons. “Getting into mountain biking can be intimidating and while riding the ebikes is still challenging, this is a great way to start riding trails.” 

The daily tours will begin in July start from the village at 10am and 2pm. “The tours will have approximately 2 – 6 people in each group, which should make for a great experience out on the mountain,” Demmons says. For more details on the Rad Power ebikes, hosted tours and all the activities available at Schweitzer during the summer season, contact the Summer Activity Center at 208.255.3081.