January 29, 2020

Over 115” Of Snowfall this Month at Schweitzer 

Record Amount of New Snow during January 2020

The month of January has been a snowy one for Schweitzer Mountain Resort with over 115” of snow falling in the village as of January 29, 2020. “December was a little stingy with its holiday snow gifts, but January has more than made up for it,” says Schweitzer Marketing Manager Dig Chrismer. “We have only had 5 days this month where we didn’t receive at least one inch of snow.” 

The National Water & Climate Center is reporting 118” of settled snowpack at 6090 feet which represents 119% of the region’s average snow water equivalent (SWE.) According to Schweitzer’s records, the last time the resort received over 100” in January was during the 17/18 winter season when 104” fell for the entire month. As of January 29, Schweitzer is reporting 118” on the summit at 6400 feet and 77” in the village at 4700 feet. “During 17/18, we reported 104” on the summit and 67” in the village on this same day,” stated Chrismer. “It’s nice to see that Mother Nature has rebounded well regardless of the slow start to this 19/20 season.”

With just over 2 weeks until the Presidents’ Weekend holiday, guests can be assured that conditions are good, mountain wide. “We currently have one of the deepest snowpacks in the country and from the Lakeview Triple down to Stella and The Outback, the mountain is in great shape,” adds Chrismer. “Despite the mild end to January, we are only halfway through our ski season. With 2.5 months to go until our scheduled closing in mid-April, there is still plenty of time to check out our new lifts and explore the newly gladed terrain off the Cedar Park Express quad.”