November 17, 2020

Schweitzer’s Sustainability Partnership
Garners Awards

Phase One Sees New Efficient Lighting Installed

 In May of 2020, Schweitzer announced a partnership with Resource Synergy, a Spokane-based sustainability consultancy, to help identify and pursue opportunities to reduce energy consumption and waste generation. In the first 7 months of this new endeavor, the resort has already been recognized by the National Ski Areas Association for its efforts. “We have been awarded two badges, one for Climate Action and one for Climate Advocacy,” explains Dani Demmons, Schweitzer’s Families and Activities Director. “These badges are an important way for us to showcase our achievements and to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, both within our industry and to our guests.”

Resource Synergy, in cooperation with Schweitzer, tasked TEREMARK Electrical Group to complete the first big energy project for the resort by replacing florescent lamps with high efficiency LED lights and installing occupancy and daylight sensors in the Mill Building, the Lakeview Lodge, Schweitzer’s maintenance facility, and the vehicle shop. “These changes reduce the energy consumption of the lights by 70%,” explains Resource Synergy’s Founder & President, Erik Makinson, “That’s equivalent to the total annual consumption of about 8 households.” In total, TEREMARK replaced over 1200 florescent lamps with 457 high efficiency fixtures that have a life expectancy of over 26 years.

“Our next step is to address guest comfort in the day lodges by upgrading older furnaces and heating elements with the most efficient units possible,” continues Makinson. “We also want to engage more unique mechanisms to track energy consumption. For example, we can track exactly how much energy specific devices are using, allowing us to more accurately target further sustainability investment. This is just one of the several ongoing efforts we are focused on. It’s a great beginning.”  

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About TEREMARK Electrical Group

TEREMARK strives to accelerate energy savings for all our customers by providing solutions for everyday use. Based in Coeur d’Alene, TEREMARK provides site reviews and retrofits for companies looking to increase efficiencies, upgrade and repair lighting, find cost-effective HVAC controls, perform infrared image scans, and install solar energy options. For more details, visit


About Resource Synergy

Resource Synergy is a Spokane-based sustainability consultancy that enables organizations to reduce cost and improve their environmental impact.  Founded in 2015, the company has helped over 120 Inland Northwest businesses, non-profits and government entities implement energy efficiency and waste reduction programs.  Prior to founding Resource Synergy, the company’s President, Erik Makinson, led sustainability initiatives for global entities such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, Alaska Airlines and Marriott Hotels. For more information, visit