February 17, 2022

Schweitzer Hosted Successful Selection Event for 5 Needles at White Pine

Depth of Interest Helps Guide Future Real Estate Plans

Sandpoint, ID (February 17, 2022) On January 27, 2022, Schweitzer hosted a selection event for 5 Needles at White Pine, the first residential project at Schweitzer since 2003. Twenty units were available for purchase with all being sold that evening, primarily to buyers from Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, and Sandpoint. Phase one of the 5 Needles at White Pine project, underground parking and foundation work, was completed prior to the start of the Winter 2021/22 ski season with the residences scheduled for completion by next winter.

The selection event was key for Schweitzer in determining where the depth of interest lies in various residence types, a key factor in determining future real estate plans. “Our goal is to help those who have a dream of owning a home at Schweitzer make that dream a reality,” explains Schweitzer’s Chief Development Officer Lance Badger. “This event made it possible for us to see what types of residences hold the most interest for potential owners. This is tremendously important as we go to develop new ownership opportunities at Schweitzer.” 

“We have a strong relationship with our local real estate brokers, and we are confident that our future projects will have what their clients are looking for,” adds Badger. “The 5 Needles at White Pine selection event was successful thanks to their due diligence and collaboration.”

For more information about Schweitzer’s future real estate developments, please contact Brynn Klind, Schweitzer’s real estate development associate at 208.603.2167 or by email at bklind@schweitzer.com