Some Of Our Favorite Trails


Bear Grass – Coming off the top of the Great Escape Quad, Bear Grass is a long meandering blue trail that gives access to a variety of other trails including Terraflow, Rock Garden, Collab, Stumpy’s, Jumpy’s, and Squirrel Master, as well as the Skills Park.

Terraflow – Terraflow is a wide flowing blue trail with numerous high-speed berms and two boardwalks spanning large boulder fields. It traverses to Schweitzer’s far southern boundary and back again to link up with Bear Grass just above the village.

Collab – Collab is a machine-built trail with flowy berms and an assortment of rolls that can be jumped and doubled. Currently dumping out on Sunnyside Road, we plan to connect Collab to Bear Grass below the Skills Park in Summer ’24.

Rock Garden – Technical and full of rocks. Rock Garden is a short, hand-built double black trail that takes off from, and reconnects with Bear Grass.

Stumpy’s – Taking off from Bear Grass at a four-way intersection with lower Pinch-Flat and Jumpys, Stumpy’s is a combination of flat rocky sections and cruisy treed areas.

Jumpy’s – Jumpy’s is a quick section of trail with a couple of small wooden ramps that reconnects with Beargrass above the Skills Park.

Skills Park – The Skills Park has three lines to choose from with small, rollable double jumps on the lower line, a series of drops in the middle, and three medium tabletops on the upper line. 

Squirrel Master – This short, hand-dug trail hooking off of Bear Grass just below the Skills Park is full of Roots, chutes, and an optional log skinny.

Pinch Flat – Option two off the top of the mountain, Pinch Flat starts out high speed with four berms then turns fall line where it gets rough and rocky. It accesses Butterstuff, Moffitt’s Edge, Redemption, Shenanigans, and Shake ‘n Bake.

Butterstuff – To be completed near the beginning of the 2024 season, Butterstuff is a machine-built jump trail bypassing the roughest bits of Pinch Flat. It will have a series of tabletops with wooden takeoffs and dirt landings of varying sizes.

Redemption – Redemption is a narrow, double black hand-built trail with steep loose sections and a steep rock slab. Accessed via Pinch Flat and Butterstuff.

Zig Zag – Zig Zag splits off from Moffitt’s Edge below the Service Road and reconnects just above Collector.

Moffitt’s Edge – Somewhat rocky with some steep and technical bits, Moffitt’s Edge is highlighted by one large rock slab with a few different options.

Shake ‘n Bake – Machine-built from where it splits off of Moffitt’s Edge, Shake ‘n Bake is full of fun doubles, tables, and deep berms.

Shenanigans – Two-thirds machine built, one-third hand-built, Shenanigans contains deep berms and some steep sections up top. The bottom third contains a large optional rock drop into a berm drop to a step-up to a wooden step up with nothing mandatory.

Collector – The trail that Butterstuff, Zig Zag, Moffitt’s Edge, Shake ‘n Bake, and Shenanigans all flow into, Collector takes you back to bottom of the Great Escape Quad from Sunnyside Road. It contains a number of bridges and a couple of optional rock features.



Upper GRR – Taking off from Overland, Upper GRR is a fast, mostly downhill singletrack through dense forest, ending on Overland just below the village.

Rolling Thunder – Rolling Thunder takes you through dark hemlock forest from Lower GRR to Overland.

Huckleberry Hill – With a few technical root and rock sections combined with some higher speed open sections, Huckleberry Hill is a fun mix of terrain. A favorite of huckleberry pickers, the bushes are thick here.

BSR – Slow technical rock features are what BSR is all about.

Boomerang – An interesting combination of mostly downhill singletrack with a short technical rock section, some flat areas, and tight corners.


Besides the singletrack listed above, the multi-use trail system contains numerous fire roads connecting them all. Enjoy great views of the mountain, the lake, and the valley throughout the trail system.