Want more details on our trails? Here you go!  

Trails are now open daily from 11am to 5pm (weather depending) until September 3, 2018! 

More dirt! We’ve been hauling dirt pretty much all week again, on Beargrass. We’ve been trying to get to the roughest sections and turns on the middle portion of Beargrass where it crosses back and forth across Ridge. We found some access points to be able to get the RTV to a few key spots to dump dirt, but the majority of the trail is inaccessible by any machine we have. We did get dirt on the two rockiest turns in the middle of Ridge, as well as more dirt on the berm at the bottom of Lower Sam’s. in the straight stretch after that berm, we hauled nine loads to build three rollers that can be pumped through or doubled. Robert brought us another dump truck load to the top of the quad to use on the upper portion of Pinch Flat and possibly High Point. The dirt’s a little loose at the moment, but it packs in well with a little moisture. We’ll rework the areas where we put it once we’re closed and let it settle in over the winter. One more week of trail work before we start getting ready for Fall Fest, but we’re hoping to continue working on stuff through September on a few things that we aren’t able to get to while we’re open. Patrol’s been picking a lot of rocks and the trails have been riding pretty well for the most part. We’re going to look at some of the bridges on Pinch Flat where it parallels the Great Divide to see if we can remove some and replace with fresh dirt. They tend to get big holes right after them from people skidding off the end. The breaking bumps are definitely getting big in a few spots, particularly where Moffit’s and Zig Zag split. We’ve fixed them a couple of times but the dust that’s available right now doesn’t really stay put for long. I’ve talked to Rob about Mag Chloride to put on the trails next spring/June while there’s some moisture, so hopefully we can make that happen and it will help things set up, and keep the dust down and things from getting so loose.

We’ve been hauling dirt wherever we can over the past week - Four dump truck loads so far to strategic locations, and we’ve been screening it using an old chain link  gate we dug out of the boneyard and hauling with the RTV. It’s time consuming, but it’s making certain sections a lot better. We’re limited to where we can get, particularly when we’re open; but we’re hoping to keep plugging away, and once we’re closed for the season, get the RTV into some of the more isolated sections. We did some weedeating on lower Beargrass and Stumpy’s as well.

We spent much of the week hauling dirt to sections of Pinch Flat, Beargrass, and Stumpys, and it’s slowly making some sections better. We’ve hauled about 30 Kubota loads so far, and each load covers about 20’ of trail. Thankfully, Robert brought us two dump truck loads so our supply is closer to where we need it. We’ll continue to cover up rocky sections and try to make berms more fun this next week, primarily on Pinch Flat. I did a little cutting and rock picking on Beargrass this morning, and the guys weedeated Rolling Thunder earlier in the week. The alder on lower Huckleberry Hill is also cut back now and the visibility is a lot better. Getting pretty dusty, but after being off my bike for almost three weeks, the trails are riding pretty well still. Hopefully we get a little precipitation to pack in the new dirt; the stuff that got rained on last weekend is really nice, but the stuff we put down this week is a little loose.

After the busy weekend, the guys smoothed out some of the braking bumps on Moffit’s; I cut brush on Boomerang; Then we spent most of the week hauling dirt. Robert gave us a dump truck load at Stiles Saddle for us to haul onto Beargrass. Yesterday we hauled about a dozen Kubota loads to the section between the snowmaking pond and Ridge that was dug up to run water. We also put four loads where Beargrass crosses Gypsy, and another three loads at the bottom above the tennis courts after digging out the sandy sections. Each load covers about 25’ so it’s slow going, but it’s making the really rough sections a lot better. It’ll be a little dusty until we get some moisture, but we’re stoked to be improving the tread instead of just repairing bridges.

With each of us a little banged up this past week, we weren’t able to get out on our bikes, but we got some trail work done and another feature built. Early in the week, Finan picked rocks on Jumpy’s, Pinch Flat including Teakettle Trail, and Moffit’s Edge. We finished weed whacking Collector, built one more taller drop with a down ramp to keep it rollable at the bottom of the Quad, and rebuilt the bridge on the Colburn Lake trail. I also cut brush on the portion of Boomerang from Cloudwalker down to the washout. Hoping to get to the bottom of Boomerang and lower Huckleberry Hill on Wednesday, but now we’re helping with WineFest through Monday. Thanks.

Plugging away this week, rebuilding more bridges, picking rocks, and cutting brush. The guys trimmed around the Colburn Lake early last week, and rebuilt two more bridges on Beargrass. We built two new features at the bottom of the Quad that can be hit coming off of Collector or on their own. They are wide bridges with an up-ramp, and about 20’ long. One has about a 20” drop off the end, and the other is about 12”. Our plan is to build one more taller one so we have a progression of sizes for people to mess around on next to the skinny boardwalks. I cut out a reroute for the steep washed out section of Boomerang to get riders away from the drop off where the creek eroded the bank sometime last Fall or Winter on the rider’s right of the trail. Probably require a machine to get it punched in, but it’s ready for that. Charley and Finan worked on Beargrass berms toward the bottom while I did that. We also picked rocks on Beargrass and cut some low branches on Pinch Flat. We cut a chunk of cable out of Zig Zag that was starting to stick up more and more. Trails are just starting to get a little dusty but riding well.

This past week, we along with Patrol spent a lot of time hauling old bridge material from where it had been left over the years, primarily Stiles runout/Skills Park area and Beargrass. Finan and Charley picked rocks on Zig Zag and some of Beargrass. We finished rebuilding the long bridge on Beargrass right after the first Upper Ridge crossing to help riders get through a difficult spot. I trimmed encroaching shrubbery on Upper Grr last weekend, and removed the avalanche debris from the Colburn Lake Loop, as well as cut the short section of single track on Morris Mile. Gonna head up and cut a couple of trees out of Stewart’s Loop this morning and do some rock picking on upper Pinch Flat. Hoping to rebuild the up-flat-down bridge on Beargrass this upcoming week and start prepping for a reroute of the steep washout section of Boomerang. The trails are still riding well but getting a little looser, and we expect things to really start drying out with these sunny days.

Upper Beargrass to the holding pond will be closed today. You can access Beargrass near the holding pond via High Point Trail. It's a perfect time to check that section  if you haven't already. It's a flowy and fun section but remember it's a multi-use trail so watch for others.   

Just wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been working on this week. After the busy weekend, Charley and Finan did some rock picking and brake bump raking on Pinch Flat and Zig Zag, and fixed a few loose boards on some bridges. We rebuilt the bottom of Rolling Thunder and put a drainage ditch in so hopefully it’ll hold up better in the future. We’ve been working on replacing the first long bridge on Bear Grass, just South of Ridge Run, to give an option to go straight over a rock pile. It’ll take another day or so to get the anchoring dialed in and narrow up the gaps between the decking, but we’re hoping to have it completed early next week. I spent the morning yesterday cutting low hanging branches and widening Upper Grr, then cut out the short section of Morris Mile, as well as the avalanche debris on the Colburn Lake loop. This morning I’ll be hauling out some old bridges from below the Skills Park. The trails have been riding really well with the rain we’ve been getting.

We've been focusing on fixing a lot of bridges that were in disrepair, removing some, and removing years of old bridge materials. Mainly trying to get everything ready to ride before opening. The cross country trails are in pretty good shape other than a couple of problem areas, specifically the bottom of Rolling Thunder and the steep fallline section of Boomerang. The crew worked on that so it's fine to ride, but it'll wash out again so our hope is to reroute it this summer. We've done quite a bit of trimming along the trails, have cut several trees out, and are currently working on the Beargrass turns at the bottom. We're planning on rebuilding a couple of bridges on the upper portion of Beargrass next week, but it'll take some time and hauling a lot of dirt over the next month to get things much smoother up there. We have a plan for it, it'll just take a bit. I'm getting a mini-excavator on Monday through Friday and plan to rebuild the exit of Collector and then head up to the skills station under the quad to rebuild it. High Point, Stewart's Loop, and the Viewski Loop have a lot of snow off the West side that I doubt will be melted out by opening. I'm also planning on keeping the Rock Garden Spur off of Beargrass closed until we can work on those bridges.