Want more details on our trails? Here you go!  

Summer Trails open June 22, 2018, weather depending! 

All trails will be open for Opening Day tomorrow, but there is significant snow on Stewart's Loop, Summit View Loop and Highpoint from Sky House to Uleda Ridge.

We've been focusing on fixing a lot of bridges that were in disrepair, removing some, and removing years of old bridge materials. Mainly trying to get everything ready to ride before opening. The cross country trails are in pretty good shape other than a couple of problem areas, specifically the bottom of Rolling Thunder and the steep fallline section of Boomerang. The crew worked on that so it's fine to ride, but it'll wash out again so our hope is to reroute it this summer. We've done quite a bit of trimming along the trails, have cut several trees out, and are currently working on the Beargrass turns at the bottom. We're planning on rebuilding a couple of bridges on the upper portion of Beargrass next week, but it'll take some time and hauling a lot of dirt over the next month to get things much smoother up there. We have a plan for it, it'll just take a bit. I'm getting a mini-excavator on Monday through Friday and plan to rebuild the exit of Collector and then head up to the skills station under the quad to rebuild it. High Point, Stewart's Loop, and the Viewski Loop have a lot of snow off the West side that I doubt will be melted out by opening. I'm also planning on keeping the Rock Garden Spur off of Beargrass closed until we can work on those bridges.