Gearing up for winter

Lifts and Activities are closed for the summer. Lodging and Dining are open!  

We hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoyed their summer! The lifts and summer activities are closed for the season and now we are excited to start gearing up for winter opening day!  Till then, lodging and dining options are open year-round so come up to enjoy the fall views and a little mountain solitude. 

Currently, Chimney Rock Grill is open daily from 11am-4pm (open until 7pm Fri & Sat).  Plus you can get coffee and sandwiches from the Mojo, located in Gourmandie, from 7:30am - 2pm daily.

Looking to book a quiet night away? Our lodging options are available. From condos to rooms in the Selkirk, we are sure you can find what you are looking for! 

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have several health & safety precautions in place. Please see our full statement for more details about what we are doing to keep our guests & staff safe! 

Did you get your season pass yet? Season Pass Sale ends Oct 31! Save now here

Enjoy the fall and we look forward to seeing you at Schweitzer soon! 



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A Few Words from Trail Crew on July 29, 2020

We took a few laps yesterday to test some stuff out and built a kind of rock bridge at the end of Squirrel Master on Monday so it’s easier to carry speed into the rock at the end. The crew put together a rock garden on Pinch Flat right above Stiles Road to smooth out a section too. We’ve been working on Beargrass every day with the excavator until 11:00, then doing hand work after that rebuilding all the berms and smoothing out the trail between them. It’s making it dusty, but with a little moisture and calcium chloride, and especially after sitting for a winter, it’ll be much better. We were able to pump water with a little pump and two sections of garden hose from two big trash cans to pack down four big berms, a couple of small ones, and a long straight stretch, but that’s as far as it would reach. So far, we’ve got eight berms rebuilt with about 12 to go. Some of the straight stretches have been pretty time consuming but it’ll be worth it. Looking forward to building a new lower section of Pinch Flat to get it off of Teakettle when we’re done on Beargrass. Hopefully start on it this fall; we walked it yesterday and feel like we have a pretty good idea to bring it over to Tree Farm and into the gully where Moffitt’s Revenge is. Felt like that is more of a priority than the trail I’d mentioned before Sean. Also did a little brushing on Beargrass and Patrol has been doing some weed whacking out on Boomerang.Enjoy and thanks for riding!