Summer Operations UPDATE:

Want more details on our trails and conditions? Here you go!  

Schweitzer trails are now closed for the season. 


September 5, 2019

After a fun summer at Schweitzer, the resort is now closed for  the off-season. Lodging and limited dining options are still available at Gourmandie & Chimney Rock and if you venture out on the trail network, please be aware that there is no patrol or first aid on site at this time, you access the trails at your own risk. Please keep an eye out for wildlife and construction equipment operating on the mountain. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you this winter! 

Trail CREW Updates

August 16,2019

New Downhill Trail!  Squirrel Master is a new black diamond trail just below the skills park off of Bear Grass.  This technical trail weaves through the woods with plenty of line choices and obstacles to test your skills on.  Please be aware that the Trail Crew is still in the process of adding signage to the trail so there are unmarked drops and features.  Remember to always look before you leap!

July 18, 2019

After doing some erosion control around the village and above the tennis courts, we rerouted the steep washed out section of lower Boomerang and made a big banked turn to about 150 feet of new trail above the old one. Then we went up top and rebuilt the first big right hand switchback on Highpoint. We put a little left hander into the right which we totally rebuilt and covered with fresh dirt so now you can carry speed through it. Then I rebuilt the upper line in the skills park with a box jib into two jumps that you can carry speed through and actually catch some air without having to brake so much. Also built a new entrance into the middle line so hopefully it gets used more and did a little more drainage work. Wilson’s been weedeating a bunch and Ariel’s been doing a lot of rock picking on Beargrass and Pinch Flat. Planning to cut some brush next week on Moffitt’s and other places we’ve noticed, and weedeat lower Beargrass and the skills park. 

June 17, 2019

Been plugging away on trails, removing old bridges and pulling the rocks that they were going over, plus pulling rocks and smoothing out berms on Beargrass. We shaped and put calcium chloride on the Lower Beargrass berms, and have been working on the ones from the top down to the 2nd Ridge crossing. Also removed 5 bridges on Pinch Flat, and one on Collector and replaced with drainage and a culvert. We built up a landing and removed some stumps and beargrass, and removed the down ramp on the second rock drop on the bottom of Redemption, and we removed the bottom up ramp on the rock and put a transition on the rock and a ride-around. Been cutting low limbs everywhere we go. Worked on mower damage on Moose Trot. Rode several XC trails, Arlene rode most of them. Still have some cutting to do on Beargrass and a lifetime of rocks to remove, hoping to bring some more dirt into some key spots before too long. Picked up the signs on Friday so going to start putting those out probably tomorrow. Working on cleaning up the bottom of the Nature Trail today, cut the whole thing out a couple of weeks ago. Still a little snow on HighPoint and back on Stewart’s Loop and Summit View Loop. 

May 30, 2019

SRD Trail Update from Mike K!

"Ya Buddy! Sidewinder has been detailed from top to bottom and ready to go! Watch for a couple muddy spots that are marked 'Keep Out!'" You can ride up Sparky from the Roundabout, or drop into Sidewinder or Corkscrew from Ullr Road. 

The Highpoint trail is still closed at this time. Please respect trail closures and the crews who are working to get them open as soon and safely as possible!

Speaking of work crews, don't forget this Saturday is the Lower Basin Festival! Meet at the Schweitzer roundabout at 9am to work on making the Lower Basin Trails even better! There will be a BBQ afterwards at the Roundabout parking lot! Bring your bikes and the whole family!

May 27, 2019

SRD Trail Update! This just in from Mike K @ Selkirk Recreation District:

Upper Basin, Sparky, Corkscrew, LowerFLO, ViewSki/LoopSki are all open and ready to ride!

Sidewinder & Highpoint are still CLOSED with snow, mud, and downed trees.

Please respect the trail closures and the crews who are working on them!

DO NOT ride onto a closed trail “just to see if it’s rideable!” Other riders may unwittingly follow your tacks and cause more damage after you!

May 21, 2019

Ready to hit the trails? Summer operations on the mountain will kick off on June 21 (weather permitting) but the mountain bike riding on Lower Basin from the roundabout down is in great shape! View-Ski Loop Ski is also open at this time. Have fun out there and we'll see you on the trails!