It's Your Mountain Too

I know that I’m biased in thinking that Schweitzer and all our mountain exploits are the be all and end all of living in Sandpoint, but luckily I’m reminded of this fallacy in my thinking from time to time. Just the other day, as I stood waiting to pay for groceries, I overheard the checker remark to another customer how they haven’t been to Schweitzer ever. Sure, they know kids that go up, she said, but she hadn’t been on the mountain and didn’t see a reason to. “I am not a fan of snow,” she remarked with a giggle.  

It occurs to me in these moments that I may have failed in my job. As Schweitzer’s Marketing Manager, it’s my responsibility to share the Schweitzer story near and far and if someone near isn’t interested in experiencing what’s up on the mountain, well, then I’ve been remiss in my efforts. I have it easy with skiers and snowboarders. Schweitzer has amazing terrain and few crowds. The views are beyond belief and even though we have some challenging weather days, our winters are pretty darn awesome. 

So let me use this opportunity to reach out to those of you out there who aren’t “winter people.” Schweitzer is yours to explore and love too. I know that may sound hard to believe but it’s true. The views over Lake Pend Oreille aren’t reserved for just skiers or snowboarders. The views belong to you as well. Let us help you find ways to enjoy the snow even when it lingers too long for your liking. Come join us for a campfire in the village on a weekend afternoon. Roasting fun things over the fire, including Twinkies from time to time, helps lighten the mood on a mid-winter day. Better yet, get a foot passenger ticket and head to the summit. You can relax over lunch in Sky House as you take in the sweeping panorama of your home town. 

Get to know the community on the mountain. Our entire Schweitzer team is made up of your neighbors, friends, and grand-kids. From our wait staff in Chimney Rock to the crew that keeps all of our lodging in impeccable shape, these are Sandpoint people. Some, like you, have lived and worked in the area forever. It’s all they know. Others are new to Sandpoint but have already grasped that this town, this place, is something different. Funnily enough, some of these folks don’t even ski. 

Sandpoint is more than just its lake and it’s mountain but both belong to all of us. For example, I don’t sail or own a motor boat, but I sure do love my lake. I will happily sit and stare at it from a bench at City Beach on any given day, winter or summer. That’s what Schweitzer should be for you. Don’t let more time go by before you make the journey up to the mountain. Come check out what’s going on and experience another aspect to your Sandpoint world without having to become a full-fledged winter person. We’ll save a seat for you.