My Home Mountain. #mySchweitzerID

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been having some deep philosophical conversations in the Schweitzer Marketing office about what it means when someone calls Schweitzer their “home mountain.” Does this mean it’s where they learned to ski? Is it where they spent years growing up in our Funatics or MtnX programs? Or is Schweitzer home because this is where they’ve retired to and where they anxiously look forward to skiing out their days? What is “Schweitzer” really and how do we, in spite of growth and development, keep Schweitzer Schweitzer?

For some of us, Schweitzer has always just been there – the unmistakable runs high on the mountain, looking down over Sandpoint and Ponderay. It’s been a backdrop to countless lake adventures and a glowing winter jewel from the marina at Hope. No, you don’t need to be a skier or snowboarder to appreciate the beauty of this mountain. It just is. There. Constant.

But for those of us that do ski or ride, we’ve become intimately attached to this special place. We’ve learned as many nooks and crannies as we can, kept quiet about our favorite go-to powder stashes, and reveled in the feeling of cruising a clean groomer back to Stella. This mountain remembers us - through the lifties that may not know our names but recognize us by our outfits. Through the folks at The Outback who serve us a shot and a smile on an incredibly cold day in February. Through Ski School Spencer, the man who has single handedly taught every Schweitzer kid on the mountain ever … or so it seems. There is a connection that is shared, not just by people who live in the 83864 zip code, but by people who thrive by being at Schweitzer. We get it. We understand that to a lot of you, this place is more than just lifts and ski trails. 

So who are these people and what makes Schweitzer their spot? We wanted to find out. This winter, we are asking our skiers and riders to take part in our “#mySchweitzerID” promotion . Tell us who you are, how long you’ve been skiing or riding, your favorite run, and your favorite food. Tell us why Schweitzer is your mountain. Tell us how you share this place with your friends and family. Help us get to the root of why is Schweitzer your home mountain. 

When you are next in the Lakeview Lodge, stop by the bulletin board near the Guest Services counter, grab a “#mySchweitzerID” form, fill it out, and pin it up to share. Or even better yet, fill one out and then take a photo of you and your form somewhere at Schweitzer using the “#mySchweitzerID” hashtag. We’ve got some fun prizes for folks who participate. Thanks for sharing your stoke and most importantly, for being what makes SchweitzerSchweitzer