Schweitzer's super bowls

I’m not a follower of football but I wanted to chime in about this whole Big Game thing.

Yes, I understand that this is typically something that happens between two football teams in late January or early February where there are super funny commercials, a full on musical at halftime and then lots of confetti thrown all over the place at the end. Even for those of us who aren’t that emotionally connected, the hype is good. Super good.

But what I don’t think a lot of people realize is that Schweitzer has its own version of the Big Game as well. “What,” I hear you ask? Yes, Schweitzer has super bowls. Everyday. All we are missing is the musical at halftime.

See, Schweitzer’s super bowls occurs every winter and last all season long. It’s a true physical contest that involves impressive team dynamics, natural confetti and even a little bit of singing in the form of “whoo-hoos” and giddy giggling on powder days. See, our two super bowls happen daily and they are pitted against each other by the aptly named, Great Divide. Do you head skiers left and root for the steep and potentially deep or veer skiers right and jump on the fast track to carving joy? Two bowls, one choice.

Lots of Schweitzer fans would argue that The Outback offers a stronger team dynamic including a pretty hefty quarter back, Stella. Consistent, steady and able to handle the pressures of a busy holiday weekend or race event without flinching, Stella has what it takes to guide the back bowl to success, day after day. The trusted wide receiver, Snow Ghost, goes the distance and can deliver a Hail Mary powder day like nobody’s business. Top it all off with what some think is the best tree skiing at Schweitzer and you’ve got one super bowl on your hands.

And then you talk to the other side. The ones that love The Front Side, that is. “Just where would any of us be in early season without the go-to MVP, Midway,” they ask? Their front bowl is championed by The Lakeview Triple, the only lift at Schweitzer that gets the goods when all else fails. The Front Side holds its snow and stashes for days in R-Chute, E-Chute and a whole bunch of other letter named chutes on that south ridge, offering glory shots and a quick lap back to the goods, all without having to ride a chair for more than 5 minutes.

The back side would argue they win the hearts of fans with an afternoon at The Outback, munching on a $6 burger around a cozy bonfire. Front Siders retort, they get to take in the impressive views of Lake Pend Oreille while eating pizza and sipping drinks at Taps. “But what about the amazing snow off the T-Bar,” counters the Back Bowl folks? “You ever ridden JR Trees or Sunnyside 2 days after a storm,” Front Siders quip? Perhaps a pause in the action is just what both sides need. A quiet moment at summit neutral Sky House to discuss and take it all in.

Yes, Schweitzer has a super bowl. Two of them. Season after season. Year after year. Turns out we all win. Especially when that natural confetti drops from the sky. 

This article first appeared in the February 2018 edition of "Neighbors," a Bonner County Daily Bee supplement.