June 3, 2021

Schweitzer Offers Second Round of “Chairs for Charity” Fundraiser

Snow Ghost Chairs Used to Raise Money for Local Non-Profits

Since the summer of 2019, Schweitzer’s “Chairs for Charity” program has raised over $174K for a variety of local non-profit organizations in the greater Sandpoint area. “The response to the initial fundraiser was overwhelming,” says Schweitzer’s Director of Family Programs, Dani Demmons. “We knew we were asking a lot with a donation amount of $2000 per chair, but the community really rallied behind ‘Chairs for Charity’ and we were extremely grateful.”

“The Snow Ghost chairs haven’t lost their appeal and we continue to get requests for them all the time,” continues Demmons. “We’d really like to be able to continue supporting our non-profits in the area, especially since a lot of fundraising events were cancelled this past year due to Covid. That’s a big reason why we think now is a great time to repeat the ‘Chairs for Charity’ fundraiser.”

This round of fundraising will have 40 chairs available, each set with a donation amount of $2000. When a person or an organization decides to acquire a chair, they will write a check directly to a pre-approved local 501(c)(3) organization. Schweitzer will then gift the chair to the donor, and they can do as they wish with the chair.

“People understand the huge impact that these chair donations can have for our local non-profits so we are optimistic we can raise more money for these deserving groups this time around,” states Demmons. “Once again it’s nice to see a part of Schweitzer’s history helping our community’s future.”

Chair donations will be accepted online via Eventbrite starting June 7, 2021 with chairs available for pick-up at “pick up events” scheduled throughout summer operations. For more specific details about the “Chairs for Charity” program and Schweitzer’s donation criteria, please visit www.schweitzer.com/donation-requests.